Greetings, Gentle Readers! It’s a travel day and as you read this we will be packed up and on our way home. However, I do have some vacation knitting to share with you! Yes, it’s true! I have finished the body and the button bands and neckband of my Marsa Alam!! Woo Hoo! Sleeve’s won’t happen until I am back home and draining the DVR of all the things and that is okay. I am not sure how long I want the sleeves and trying things on while driving are not the best combination! Never fear, I do have travel knitting!! I am speeding along on a second sock – which has made the most lovely companion on this trip – I hope to have it finished on the trek home and there is a very good possibility that will happen! And, I might even be able to put some time in on my Tegna on the journey home if I  get that sock done early in the journey!

I am looking forward to being back home and back to my routine! Vacation is fun, but sometimes it is more fun for some than others.This said by the person who made the bed every day and did all the dishes and walked the dog 99% of the time. However these tasks are the perfect companion for audio books which means I got some reading in this week!

First, I finished Saints For All Occasions which is the penultimate dysfunctional family tale. There were times that I debated about stopping and moving on to something else, but I persevered. I was not greatly rewarded for this perseverance as I thought the ending was rather lame, but it was a book in the finish column – so there’s that. This book had great potential but never really took off, it was also excessively wordy – just 2-stars.

I also finished reading to the Museum of Modern Love. I really wanted to love this book and  while I enjoyed it, I did not love it. However, the writing earned 3-stars.

And finally, I finished another John Boyne novel – The Absolutist. Wow. Boyne again draws you into a story you cannot imagine ever being part of – yet he not only draws you in – he takes your hand and gently brings you along. This story took me for a journey and the ending was incredible. 4-stars (because it could have been LONGER!!)

What are you making and reading this week?

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