I am joining Carole and friends today and I am sharing three things I am anticipating with some excitement!

First, queue the music please…

Thing One:

Summer Solstice! I have been in a summer-frame-of-mind since the “unofficial” start of summer way back on Memorial Day weekend. Summer is really not my favorite time of the year weather-wise, the dreaded uber-hot days and the humidity… really, not my favorite things. But this year I made the decision to NOT be that person and I discovered that if you change your way of thinking, you can absolutely make a difference where it counts – with yourself! I have plans for a lovely evening outside enjoying the glorious weather – even if it rains! Because is there anything more lovely than summer rain and cocktails on the porch?

Thing Two:

Vegetable Garden Anticipation has been in “Worry Mode” this year – things have been slow growing, very slow growing! So, slow growing that I worried that all our efforts in planting would result in no fruits of our labor. But this week things all started turning around! The beans have blossoms (finally!!), the peppers are showing signs of life as well! And, this morning I was greeted by a plethora of tiny tomato flowers! PLUS!! I picked my first handful of raspberries this morning and I am deliciously reminded that good things sometimes do come to those who wait!

Thing Three:

I have finally made my way through the avalanche of library books and yesterday I began Middlemarch, which is perfect timing for my longed for “Summer of Classics” to begin! I am listening and happily settling into life in in early 1800’s England. Sometimes things you anticipate do not quite measure up, but 6 chapters in and the story is most welcoming and inviting. Good thing because I have another 31 hours of listening to go! I think that Dorothea will be the most wonderful sewing companion as well which is a very good thing because today I am beginning the process of cutting out Vivi’s quilt!

And there you have my anticipations! What are you looking forward to this week?

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