It’s Thursday and I have three things to share so I am joining with Carole and friends again today!

This morning a curious quiet greeted me when I took Sherman out – no bird song, no frenzied hum of cicadas – just silence. It seemed that nature was reminding me that summer is fleeting, and I should spend more time enjoying it than I do complaining about it!

I am going to try and heed that advice, especially with warmer temps returning today.

Thing One:

This Willow Variation crossed my feed reader yesterday and I see a lovely flannel version in my mind – paired with a black long-sleeved shirt and leggings. Yes, fall is creeping into my mind – if ever so slightly!

Thing Two:

Last month I injured my ankle but after a couple of days, though it was still a little painful, I could walk and so I ignored it and carried on. And then July came and my focus to walk every single day happened, and by the 15th the pain was, well, much more painful. It was now constant pain, pain that interrupted me, and, yes – pain that stopped me from walking or doing Pilates. Enter, Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy. 10 days of Motrin and immobilization have helped considerably. Yesterday was day one of doing some very careful movements to stretch and build up the muscles and tendon and know what? I feel like I could walk today – but I won’t! I am going to get back on my Pilates mat today though and incorporate some more of the stretching and mobility exercises! Moral of the story… self-care is important and when your body is telling you something, don’t ignore it!

Thing Three:

So that yarn… I swatched, and swatched, and swatched – and no matter what needle I use, I CAN.NOT.GET.GAUGE!!! In fact, I could not even get close to gauge! And, then I took a breath and pulled out some leftover Joyful and swatched…perhaps the key is in the name, because I too was JOYFUL. I got gauge!! I have 1280+ yds and now that brown yarn is back in a pile by my desk. However, one of the swatches matches gauge to Andrea Mowry’s The Weekender and Isabell Kraemer’s Daelyn Pullover. So, my question for you… which would you choose and why?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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