Breathe the incense of sun on prairie Offer peace to the sky — Heid E. Erdrich, Peace Path

It has been a week and then some. I think what I am missing most is the “normalcy” of the week – that is, normal work schedules, normal routines, and looking forward to Friday. I don’t know about you, but the days are a jumble to me with each one feeling like the last and the next. I feel a bit like I did when I was a child on summer break in the month of August. You know when the days felt endless and school would never start!

And, yet there have been pockets of “good things” in my days and so perhaps a bit of TGIF is in order!


Yesterday was our “monthly” trip to the grocery store for much needed things (fresh produce, for one!!) We headed to Trader Joe’s and again there was a line, but for the most part a well-spaced, masked line! The limit to inside access has been even more reduced to assure that we can all be properly distanced from other shoppers. The store was immaculate and well-stocked. But it the best part was the simple kindness of the other shoppers and the Trader Joe’s staff – both were a balm to my weary spirit. The bouquet above was a gift from Trader Joe’s for helping to bag my groceries. I did not realize how much the simple interaction with strangers was something I was missing. I am basking in the glow of those simple things today, and so thankful!


I have been amazed at the simple forms of giving that have been showing up around the internet! From free things in all sorts of places to helpful tips and tricks for all sorts of things – there are some in the universe working to balance out the unfairness of these days. I thought I’d share a few of the things I found this week with you all! First, Made by Rae just posted an excellent tutorial in which she shows clearly how to measure for pants that fit – even in the rise! I spent some time this week “cranking out” face masks and learned that not all faces are made the same. I found this pattern fits a variety of sizes and includes a “nose wire” option! Milk Street Kitchen has made all their online classes available through the end of April.


This week has had some lovely inspiration! This morning the patterns from Making No. 9 / Simple showed up on Ravelry! And curiously, crochet items have been calling to me (because of Sarah’s gorgeous blanket and Mary’s 100 Day project) But then Churchmouse Yarns sent this and I have a case of the “I want this bad” (also I love that they are also echoing the joy of Sarah’s blanket with One Big Granny Square! (Perhaps the pillow is a good place to start? Lol) I cannot crochet, but I would really love to learn. I tried a few years ago, but it was truly a struggle and I gave up but maybe this is the thing I need to keep my brain focused right now!

Finally, poetry

Poetry has become a daily necessity for me. And this morning’s poem – Peace Path from The Slowdown moved me greatly and I immediately checked out a book of her poetry from my library. (and yes, Heid E. Erdrich is Louise Erdrich’s sister!)

That is all I have for this week… I hope your weekend is full of weekend things! See you all back here on Monday! I am pulling out my “big camera” and hope to get a photo I can share. Carole and Vicki… how about some Macro Monday!?

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