I wish I could tell you that my making was on fire… but instead I have to tell you that I have mucked up my making but good. Monday afternoon I had a wee accident (okay, maybe not so tiny) with a bread knife… which meant I spent some time in urgent care. The good news… no stitches… the bad news, my finger is not working at all in the way it should. I, however, am following the doctor’s advice… keep the enormous bandage on (until this morning) and keep it dry! (I will spare you any gory details beyond that…but it was plenty of that!)

So… I am short and sweet on typing today because who knew an index finger could be so integral to that task!

But!! I have managed a couple of rounds on a hat… so there’s that!

But no sock knitting. No spinning. And no Gnome-ing!! Boo hoo!

The reading this week though… I went from The Sentence to my current book… The Lincoln Highway. Can a year of reading end in a better way?

Maybe… I got Amanda Gorman’s new poetry collection in the mail and it is so good!

The SentenceThe Sentence by Louise Erdrich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never imagine that I can possibly love the latest Erdrich book more than the last (or more than the Master Butcher’s Singing Club, which to date has been my favorite) but then I read The Sentence.

Wow. Brilliant writing! Captivating! Relevant. Timely… and so compelling. I struggled to put it down!

I have just one thing to say… read this book, ASAP!

I hope to be back on Friday…

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