Very little knitting has happened since last week but that is not necessarily a bad thing! Instead we have been braving the windy cold weather and trekking all over Presque Isle in Erie PA! Yesterday we even “enjoyed” the lake effect flurries that joined us on a very brisk walk, lol.

However, even though I am spitting in the eye of Mother Nature on the weather this week, I would love to see an end to anything that could be remotely described as wintry anything and am really ready for some actual spring-like weather. But!! We have had some incredible sunny moments… and I will take the sunshine even if the temps are only in the 20’s!

I do have some reading updates to share with you all! I had one book I did not finish: The Paper Palace was just not a book for me. I tried, but bailed on it fairly quickly.

I did have some very interesting finishes this week – not all were great – and I continue to work through The Books of Jacob… I am about 2/3’s through it and loving every moment!

MigrationsMigrations by Charlotte McConaghy
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Franny Stone… the character you love to hate… or at least I did. Or is it the story that is so uncomfortable? Perhaps a mix of both.

This story is set in the future but there is lots of focus on what happened in the past… and things you think are true, might just not be true at all.

This book just fell flat for me. (which might have been the fault of Cutting for Stone… because it is just so much better)

I do not recommend this book, but your mileage might vary.

ChouetteChouette by Claire Oshetsky
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is truly one crazy book! It is thoroughly unexpected (but not always in a good way) The heroine (?) – Tiny – finds herself pregnant yet the baby is not her husband’s… nope, she is having an Owl-Baby… dear little Chouette. The relationship between Chouette and Tiny begins shortly after conception… and so begins the reader’s wild ride on this fable. The story is very disconcerting and it made me think of how those who are not “normal” (whatever your normal is) are treated and how much effort is made on changing the “not normal” to be normal rather than accepting them for who and what they are… in all their unique beauty!

The ending…I did so not see that coming. If you would like a little time in an alternate reality, read this book!

Small Things Like TheseSmall Things Like These by Claire Keegan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my, this small story packs an enormous punch! And it made me stop and think… for a very long time after I finished listening to it.

The story unfolds in a curious way… and it poses the question…. what do you do if you see something that is wrong… do you look away? Do you try to blow up the entire system? Or do you just do what you can?

Good questions for us any day, but especially today. This is a story that I want to read again with my eyes… it was just that good. I highly recommend.

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I will be back to share some poetry tomorrow! 

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