When April steps aside for May, like diamonds all the rain-drops glisten; fresh violets open every day; to some new bird each hour we listen. ― Lucy Larcom

I thought this quote was fitting, especially for the weekend weather forecast Pittsburgh has… lots and lots and lots of rain-drops. I am not complaining because with the weather we have had, it could as easily be snow (which I would be complaining about!)

However, it is May and that means Macro May! This month I am going to play a bit with my iPhone and see what I can learn. Of course, Apple had an article that was both inspiring and overwhelming. I think I need to get my tripod out..lol. Good thing I nabbed that photo last night, this morning that blown dandelion is just a stalk.

A bit of a sofa update for you all… yes, I have a chair to sit on. No, the sofa issue has not been solved (i.e. no new sofa, no new parts, no repaired light post…) And yes, I am  almost a raving lunatic at this point in time…But!! Steve fixed the storm door… so there is that.

This is not really a find… but perhaps a reminder… many of us (myself included) have put off things during the pandemic but one thing you should NOT put off is a colonoscopy. I called this week to schedule mine (I am now on the 5-year plan because my family history has a vibrant thread of colon cancer running through it… sigh) I think this colonoscopy will be the 5th one I have had (my first was at 30) and it amazes me that not much has changed since then… at least not that I have noticed. I confess I am not eager for that evening with a gallon jug of NyLYTELY, however I don’t need to worry about it until August. I chuckled at the scheduler who said she would update me on the COVID protocol closer to the date (as if COVID might not be a thing 3 months from now, lol)

Now how about a find or two?

First, I wanted to share a new podcast I discovered thanks to Ada Limón…As She Rises. This is from the podcast description:

As She Rises is …from Wonder Media Network. It brings together poems from artists throughout the US and territories that depict the effects of climate change on their home and their people. Each episode carries the listener to a new place through a collection of voices, local recordings and soundscapes. Stories span from the Louisiana Bayou, to the silent tundras of Alaska to the receding coastlines of Puerto Rico. Centering native voices and women of color, As She Rises personalizes the elusive magnitude of climate change.

I listened to season two while in Erie and it was really amazing. The poet reads their poem then there is a bit of a discussion with the hostess, Amanda Frances, that was both interesting and enlightening. I thought you all might enjoy listening to some beautiful poetry and a bit of a discussion on climate change with the poet. I have queued up season one to listen to this week!

Finally, it is #MeMadeMay which for me is really #MeMadeEveryDay! Yes, that is right, I have arrived at the point in my life where almost my entire wardrobe has been made by me. (Jeans and under garments are the only not-me-made items left in my wardrobe) I have been so inspired by the #MeMadeMay2022 thread on IG… it is my one guilty pleasure for the month! And, yes… I will be doing some sewing in May! Kym has inspired me to sit down and sew some knits!

There you go, Gentle Readers… have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday!



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