August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.
Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

We finally got some rain this week and that rain ushered in some cooler weather as well. Ahhh! A break in the heat and humidity was very welcome… even if it is brief! But the days are also visibly shorter, and despite my trying to ignore that fact… it is a reality. Autumn is creeping into my thoughts… and while I love that… I am going to keep my thoughts firmly in these days of summer.

Reclaiming  —

I mentioned last week that I was feeling very finished with my word this year… but this week, I took all the ideas that Ali Edward’s team shared and actually began again… just like I did in January, but with my August self. And a new thing popped out this week… one that was incredibly unexpected and most welcome! I noted that my mental health is less, well… mental-health-issue-y… I noted that I am sleeping better. I am worrying less. And this week… well I inhaled so many deep breaths of August! An unexpected Full Bonus… days (weeks? months?) full of better mental health, not at all what I expected but I am welcoming it in and I will spend the rest of the month making a bit more space for me.

Ignoring —

For those of you who pay attention to blog schedules… you might note that the second Friday of the month is Museum of Me post day. The post for this week was, for me, an impossible one to prepare (and I was truly at a loss in trying to figure out a replacement exhibit.) I tried. And so I gave myself permission to let it go and move on. (See above) Perhaps someday I can revisit this post suggestion (A photo from your childhood/youth that most capture the YOU of today) but I hope that you will go and see what all others have shared!

Focaccia (making) —

In my quest to bake, one thing on my list is to bake a good focaccia. One that has a crisp crust that surrounds a light crumb. I have been reading lots of recipes all over the internet. I also spent some time reading my Peter Reinhart Baking Bible and decided that my starting point would be his focaccia suggestions… and I began yesterday. It has been slowly rising overnight in the refrigerator and later today I will get it tucked into a pan. It is a lengthy process… but I am here to learn! Thus far, my dough is doing exactly what he said it should which gives me hope. Maybe you will see some focaccia slices on our happy hour table tonight! (Which will absolutely be OUTSIDE! It is glorious out today!)

Finding (time) —

Carole mentioned something she was doing this week that struck a cord with me. And while I am not using a habit tracker, at the beginning of the month I made a reminder on my iPhone in a similar fashion. She wanted to do more knitting… and she is succeeding! My thing I want to do more of? Spinning! Every afternoon a little reminder pops up on my iPhone asking me if I have done any spinning today… if I haven’t, it is my cue to go sit down for a few minutes and spin a bit. Before I know it, 15 (or more) minutes have passed and my bobbin is getting fuller as the week has gone on! It is funny what a little reminder can do… and that makes me wonder what else I could be reminding myself about! (Perhaps a morning reminder telling me that I am more than worth it… whatever the it is!)

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