Greetings Unravelers!

Last week… I finished no books… this week, I have little to nothing to show for my making!

First up… I had high hopes to be done with my Hitch on the Move… but I am at the portion of knitting where the rows are LONG… so long. I have roughly 20 more long-assed rows and 20 very short rows to go to and then bind off. I am persevering and trying to get a long row or two done a day…trying but not always succeeding!

I have gotten a couple more mitered squares done (thanks to morning time on the porch!) But this is not a race to the finish, but rather an exercise in the joy of stitching. And it is all kinds of joy!

My big project this week has been all about the appliqué… I have watched the first two lessons and have started. I paid less attention to the “color picking” lesson – as I am using a couple of charm packs which all coordinate. I have watched the second lesson on the actual appliqué process twice and I started on a “block”… whew. That one square took me over an hour to stitch. I feel very much like I did when I started watercolor lessons… you know, that doing-something-new-is-not-at-all-easy feeling. I picked the “easiest” shape… and boy was it hard! Yes you can see my stitches, but by the last bit, they were better… not great but better. At this rate, I will have enough “blocks” to make a Happy Hour table runner by Christmas! LOL But!! I like it… very much. It is absolutely portable. It is very engaging and I think that soon… it just might be relaxing as well! Ha!

One down… a lot more to go!

The reading this week… so, so, so good! In my ears I am listening to Master Slave Husband Wife. I will likely finish it today and it is just so good. If you like history, you will love this story. At night, I am reading The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons, another in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, this time by Karin Smirnoff. It’s good and probably not a wise choice to read before bed, but there you go.

That is all I have for today… what about you? What are you making progress on?

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