It’s been a long week in my neighborhood… but at long last FRIDAY has arrived! I am going to slow down and savor this weekend… but first, how about some good old TGIFing to get the weekend started!

Thankful —

I am thankful for so many things! Things like long conversations with my son, funny texts from my daughter, my son-in-law being home for the busyness of December, the end of a long word journey, the arrival of winter next Thursday (when I will begin my year long journey re-reading Margaret Renkl’s Comfort of Crows),  new insights discovered in a re-reading of Wintering, and reading the last weeks in my year long Poetry Unbound read!

Gathering —

I am gathering some of those new insights discovered in my re-read of Wintering… and planning a bit of a Wintering Reclamation of Space! My closet needs a bit of a tidying… as do some other spaces in my home (dear Basement, I am looking at you!!) And I confess… I am so very excited for these tasks. I am also going to spend some time finding another poetry book that I can read as a weekly devotion next year… poetry remains the best part of my week and I will treat myself to a “new to me” anthology of poetry to carry me through 2024.

Inspired —

Yesterday’s Gnome “clue” was a coloring sheet and it has inspired the child in me to emerge! I shared my start with Vivi yesterday and we talked about colors for the books on the shelf and the plant. Although, she wondered where the Christmas tree was… and now so do I! Which has made me think about an artist I follow on IG who paints similarly delightful little scenes. She shared a free image for the holidays, and I have plans to play with it a bit after Christmas!

Festive —

I have been trying to bolster my joy-quotient this month and next week I have jotted down a couple of Christmas-y movies to queue up next week while playing a bit of catch up on my temperature circles. And that makes me wonder…  are there movies that you watch every year to shore up your Holiday Joy? Please share them… I’d love to add a new movie to my repertoire!

And with that… I am off and I wish you all the best weekend! See you all back here on Monday!

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler

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