It has been a relatively quiet week here… Steve was back to “regular” work hours (whew!) and I found the time to knit myself to “fresh” yarn (as Carole so brilliantly put it!) on the Great Cabled Cardigan!

And I have been having great fun “unpacking” my word for the year… with some surprises that have been so delightful!

Reveling (in poetry) —

Most timely was the return of Poetry Unbound this month. Pádraig opened perfectly on the 1st with Eugenia Leigh’s poem about a Dung Beetle. Dung Beetle wisdom? Yes, please! Coupled with Pádraig’s thoughts it was the perfect way to start the month! As you all know, last year I read through 50 Poems to Open Your World… it was a great way to “meditate” through the year! I am continuing the practice this year with Poetry of Presence II and I am reveling in the fact that I am not limited to one poem a week, but rather I can read one daily if I’d like! I am enjoying the “little conversation” these poems inspire with myself in my journal.

Inspired (by) —

Emergence Magazine. I discovered some incredibly timely surprises! First, I listened to some poems from the Song Dynasty that have been newly translated. (you can listen here) But these words struck me: “The world is but a passing guest of my mind. Alone I strum my zither and sing, forgetting what year it is, while time keeps passing through my body, so time lives.” 

And then I listened to the conversation with slow journalist, Paul Salopek. (you can listen to the conversation here) Time just nudging me along this month in the most delightful of ways!

Fiddling (with) —

Sourdough Hydration. I mean, this is A. Thing. and I am here for it! Why? Well, higher hydration dough is airier, it leavens more, thus creating a more tender crumb (and a thinner crust.) Steve does not like dense, chewy bread with a chewier crust. So I am experimenting to see if I can find his Perfect Loaf. This weekend, I am going to give 85% hydration a go… wish me luck!

Finding (even more delight) —

In my backyard. I am loving how Margaret is leading me through these winter days. I am noticing more, perhaps with her guidance, or maybe just because I am spending more time outside! It has not been bitterly cold here (yet) and it has been so easy to spend time outside in the fresh air. I note how much the Mockingbird loves the spicy nut butter I put on the tree. He is a sassy little friend and I love his visits. I was even luck to have snapped a candid photo of him! (This weekend I am going to try my hand at “backyard drawing” inspired by Amy Tan!) This morning brilliant red skies greeted Sherman and I as we headed out for our morning walk. A walk that last month was in darkness… and I delighted in the returning light!

My fine and sassy friend!

And with that, I am off to finish my stitching! Have a great weekend everyone! See you all back here on Monday!


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