Greetings gentle Unravelers!

When I look at a weather map, almost the entire US looks plunged in cold… and knitters everywhere knit on with a bit of delight! Right? I know I did… Sock One is DONE! and Sock Two is moving right along. I shall have pink socks soon! Really, I don’t know who I am knitting socks this quickly!! It is the perfect “sit and knit” project for night time television viewing!

I have YET to heed my spinning “reminder”… despite pushing it forward to the next day… I have been on a bit of a “deep clean” tear. Yesterday was the kitchen’s “turn” … and the stove and the refrigerator each got a deep clean, and I scrubbed the floors and the baseboards.

I have not knit much on the Great Cabled Sweater but I am hoping that once I have this cleaning jag out of my system, I will be back to my regularly scheduled knitting!

The reading continues to breeze along… I had three finishes this week! (Audiobooks are a great deep cleaning companion!!) I listened to Richard Russo’s Somebody’s Fool and Katherine May’s Enchantment. Both of which I enjoyed so much! I also finished reading The Caretake by Ron Rash… I loved it. It was so good, it had so much food for thought, the writing was so perfect!

This week’s reading with my eyes is not quite as stellar… sigh. I am trying to settle in with The Cacophony of Bone by Kerri ní Dochartaigh. I have heard such great things about this book… and I am wondering what I am missing. I am just over 40% though… and I am not sure I will finish it.

What about you? What are you doing to stay warm on these wintry days!

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