Greetings dear Unravelers and Happy First Wednesday in February!

Is it just me or are you all surprised to find yourself on the seventh day of this month?

I hit a HUGE milestone on Sunday afternoon… (I feel like I should insert a drumroll here… lol)

I finished the knitting portion of The Great Cabled Sweater! 

Done… with a skein to spare! All ready for a nice long soak!

Which ushered in a rush for the washing and blocking of all the pieces. Fortunately, the weather is cooperating delightfully here in the ‘Burgh… a week of warm sunny days to speed the drying. My yard looked quite hilarious…

Precise measurements… come on sun, dry these pieces!

Tuesday morning the pieces were mostly dry and so The Great Mattress Seaming began! I am nervous… as all get out! It’s A LOT of seaming, people. Seaming inside and outside… I made a more concise list of seaming order. Please send all the Seaming Juju you can muster my way. I hope to have a finished sweater THIS WEEK! (although, if this warm weather holds I might not get to wear it until next winter… sigh.) And I will begin my search for the Perfect Buttons (so any button retailer recommendations would be gratefully accepted!)

To celebrate, I whipped up two fuchsia “valentine” trees for the gnomes!

The Gnome Home is all set for the Valentine’s holiday!

And wound some yarn for another pair of socks… and cast on! (who am I?? lol)

The reading this week… slow as all get out. Just two finishes… The next Max Tudor Mystery, A Demon Summer. Perfect palette clearing listening! And Laurie Frankl’s latest book, Family Family. The premise is curious but I have strong thoughts about all of it.

And with that, I have some seaming to get back to! What about you all… what is demanding your attention this week?

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