Greetings dear Unravelers!

We have arrived at the last Wednesday of February. The month started (at least for me) to creep along slowly and then it picked up speed and just kept barreling along. It does not seem possible that we turn the page to a new month this week!

My pace has been more steady and I have settled in to a daily rhythm that feels so perfect. I start my day with a few minutes of “get my brain moving” stitching… this month, filling in a February “stone” on my daily stitching. Two more stones to fill (I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon) and then I will tuck it away with January’s stitching. I prepped the March linen earlier this week… March blocks all ready to be outlined, which I will work on as some bonus afternoon stitching. I have some fun ideas for these blocks… and I can’t wait to see if my ideas will work!

March Blocks… the outlines look a bit messy, but it is a water soluble pencil that washes out completely. 

I have been knitting round and round knitting at night… I have about another inch to go before I do some increases over the course of several inches on Steve’s vest and then it settles back to round and round knitting until I get to the armscye… but that is miles away right now. Hopefully a picture with some progress next week!

The fun knitting is that I began a new gnome on Monday… Steve saw the “Soylent Green” hat and named him Cher-gnome-ble… I think the name is going to stick! I have a bit more knitting but I imagine that he will be done sooner than later!

And I might have fallen down the Knit a Blanket hole…if I can get Cher-gnome-ble done and make some progress on Steve’s vest I will let myself cast on!

Whew, despite all that making activity, it was another slow reading week. I have just one finish… Dave Eggers The Eyes & the Impossible. This was the perfect palate cleanser after The Poisonwood Bible. Eggers provided humor and a fun story… and, as Bonny said, while it is not Charlotte’s Web… it is still very good!

At night, I have about 25% left of Real Americans. I like it… but it feels a bit disjointed as you move from one part of the story to another. I am also listening to Frozen River… with mixed thoughts on this story.

What about you? What’s inspiring you this week?

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