Greetings dear Unravelers and Happy almost mid-March!

I am absolutely not loving how quickly these days are moving along!

I do have that first sock done and I immediately started the second sock so I have something to “mindlessly” knit at night. It was a good choice to pair the yarn with Hermoine’s Everyday Sock pattern. It is easy to keep track of how many more “repeats” to do before the heel and how many on the foot before the toe… so the second sock is even more mindless!

But outside that sock knitting, not much making has been happening here… at least on the knitting front.

I am keeping up with my two stitching projects though. Carolyn asked a very good question on Monday… she wondered if I kept my time to 15 minutes… or if I went over. If I include my “thought process” for each page, I go way over the 1.25 hours of stitching time! I have sort of fallen into a rhythm of thinking about where the next page will go as I am stitching the current page, I then try and put those thoughts together (sometimes on paper), pull some fabrics and set them aside. But for the actual stitching of each page… I try very hard to block out the cutting/pinning/stitching portions to 15 minutes per day. Sometimes, I might flow over a bit… but other days the stitching might be done in 5 minutes. So I think that 15 minutes is a good average for each day!

Page 11… Farm Traffic!

My reading has settled into a very, very slow pace and I am not at all upset by this! I have been trying to find some time in the afternoon to settle in to read but I have not found success yet. So no finishes this week.

What about you? What are you thinking about this week?

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