Greetings dearest Unravelers!

We have reached the final Wednesday of March… and I am trying to figure out the March Lion/Lamb conundrum. March has had some very curious weather in the ‘Burgh and it seems that the Lamb/Lamb version is how my March will end… but perhaps that is not so bad.

The making this week has had some unraveling…sigh. That sock… I was worried about pooling but in the straightway down the leg I fell in love with the Wabi–Sabi striping that the yarn was brilliantly doing! And then came the heel flap and gusset where all those lovely “stripes” fell into two distinct pools of color… purple on one side, green on the other, which I thought was pretty darned ugly. But I knit on hoping I could get past the ugliness of it. In the end I could not so I ripped it back, put in a row of stitches for an afterthought heel, and continued those delight stripes down the foot. My love is back for this yarn! I had completely forgotten how perfect Helen’s Shepherd sock yarn is! It has an almost cottony feel to it and it creates a lovely fabric at my “sock gauge”!

I have one finished Valkyrie Hat… which I soaked and it is blocking on a wee ball of yarn. Up next… some Valkyrie horns for that hat!

My main love this week continues to be stitching. It is the thing I think most about every day (even though I don’t spend much time stitching, I do spend a LOT of time planning pages…) I finished another page in for my book… and I LOVE it! Those circles were just so fun to do!

I am thinking that this “design” will soon be translated to a larger version to make a pillow! It was just all so fun to do!

The current page (in the header photo) has an “oops” bit of fabric… I used this fabric to make a hat for Winston when he was a baby and this cut did not “match up” the plaids perfectly, so into the scrap bag it went. A piece showing the delight of circles… I have a few more Colonial Knots to add yet today and a new page begins tomorrow!

The reading this week though… oh my goodness. It was just perfection! I think I read the best book I will read all year over the past couple of months. I have slowly savored On Time and Water. I borrowed it from the library and have been so lucky that I could renew it not once but twice! But this is a book that needs to live in my library, so I have ordered a copy for myself. If you are at all interested in the question: “Is 100 years a long time?” and as you are contemplating the answer, dear Andri has some thinking for you! (My answer: I don’t think 100 years is very long at all but when I asked Genevieve… well, she thought it was a very, very long time.) I highly recommend Mr. Magnason’s brilliant book!

I was so lucky to get an advanced digital copy of a new mystery series, Agony Hill by Sarah Stewart Taylor. I really enjoyed it! The ending was unexpected and there are some very mysterious characters! I can’t wait to see where the next book goes (and yes, I am eagerly anticipating it!!) Agony Hill will be published August 6… so you won’t have too long to wait!

And there you have my making and reading catch up with you all… what about you? What is exciting you this week?

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