Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

I am happy to say that the clouds thinned themselves down enough for there to be quite an amazing show here in the south hills of Pittsburgh on Monday! We were not a total eclipse, but at 97%, it was close enough! I paced my timing to pop out to see the progression between sourdough coil folds and chicken fajita dinner prep and by the time that sourdough loaf was tucked away in the refrigerator for its overnight rest, dinner was well underway the show was over. The sourdough bread making process is an excellent reminder that slow making is not a bad thing…

Which is a very good thing because this has been a very slow making week here. I am inching along on Sock #2 and I have had a few “starts” for my Valkyrie… a few starts followed by an equal number of ripping out what I started. Ideas don’t always work out… but all those failures sometimes reveal the path to success! Yes, I think I have found what will work and plan to try again this afternoon!

It’s a good thing that the stitching is not having failures! I finished page sixteen… The Selvage Library. Yes, this page includes almost all the selvage’s from the fabrics I used in the book… a sort of bibliography! Haha!

I have been watching with great interest Nell’s progress on a new skirt! I am intrigued and oh my… that color!

It has been an incredible reading week though! I have finished four books and I have even more good things queued up next! My finishes were the soon to be published Vera Stanhope book, The Dark Wives (coming August 27th), The Berry Picker’s, James, and another soon to be published book by Peter Nichols – Granite Harbor (publishing April 30th) which was a fast-paced, edge of your seat, can’t stop until it’s done, one sitting book!

This week I am listening to The Seed Keeper and reading an advanced copy of Valérie Perrin’s soon to be published Forgotten On Sunday (coming June 4tth). It is too early to make any judgements about the books, but they are each off to a good start!

There you have my making this week! See you all back here tomorrow with some poetry!

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