Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday to you all!

First, a bit of housekeeping for next week. There will not be any Unraveled Wednesday post next week, May 1st. I will be back from Erie the following week and there will be an Unraveled post on May 8th!

Now that that bit of housekeeping is out of the way, why don’t we ease into some making and reading!

On the making front, with time to spare… I have a new Honey Cowl and I love it. I might have been able to do another round before the final rounds, but I did not feel like playing yarn chicken and losing! It is bright, fun, and will be the perfect addition for the cooler and windier weather on Lake Erie!

I have finished the bottom ribbing on my “pre-knit” sweater and I am much happier with the rip back and size adjustment I made.

That yarn that tried (and failed) to be some Feather and Fan socks has been cast on for another pair of Hermoine’s Everyday Socks. They are easy travel knitting (I don’t need the pattern and I can stop and start as needed) and will likewise be perfect for “nighttime TV watching.” I am also taking the sweater, but I am not really sure how much knitting will get done…

Wee Snowmen who will find a new life!






I started the Last Page yesterday and will be taking it with me to finish the final page. I am excited to put all these pages together! This last page will incorporate some cross-stitch snowmen that I started when Heidi was a very small little girl. I have cut up the fabric and will stitch them onto some “snowy hills.” This has truly been a project that has jumpstarted my creativity… and once the pages are all together, I plan on continuing a similar stitching project!

The reading this week… I had heard about The Salt Path recently and was fortunate that my library had an audio copy. It is my only finish this week. The story is true. It is a compelling, moving story… Moth and Raynor Winn lose their home in Wales, Moth is diagnosed with a terminal illness… and they decide (in their 50’s) to walk The Salt Path and camp along the way. They begin as two beaten down people, and as they continue along something of a wonder begins to happen… they get stronger, their minds get clearer, Moth improves significantly. And so Raynor brings us along on their journey as they walk the longest path in Britain. It is an inspiring story.

At night, I am meandering my way through the book of short stories, Table for Two, by Amor Towles… and they are delicious. I really don’t want the book to end… the stories are just so good! I am about halfway through and savoring every word!

And there you have my week! What about you? What are you thinking about this week?

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