Greetings Dear Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

There has been some significant “unraveling” this week as I picked out the seams on several pages from my book. Sigh. Building a Slot and Tab book is taking all my brain bandwidth. Foolishly, I thought I’d be able to just figure out a trick to add in my front and back covers… ha! So once I unpicked the seams… I got out my container of safety pins… and started pinning pages tabs and slots and began the building process. After some unpinning and repinning to get the pages in the correct order. I redrew my “stitch map” and am ready to begin again.

Picking out seams is a lot slower than unraveling knitting… just saying.

But!! I do have that first sock done and a second sock started! I am motoring down the leg and hope to get this one done yet this month!

Getting back to my daily stitching project has been a challenge… I need to rethink my time for stitching. Morning stitching with my coffee is just not “doable” in these spring leaning into summer days. I am watering plants early, filling feeders, grabbing a weed or twenty, cleaning birdbaths… I think you see where my focus is. Not sedentary, but rather active… which is not so conducive to contemplating what to stitch. I am contemplating another time during the day to sit and stitch…I have some ideas but right now those minutes are taken up with Book Making. So if I can get the book done this week…

A little update about my hearing aids… things are really going amazingly well! The cacophony of birds on my morning walk with Sherman is not quite so overwhelming! The floor creaks still are loud, perhaps because the creaks are only in a couple of spaces… so it is not an ‘often’ sound. And I have also acclimated to keyboard typing! Haha! It is just so amazing to hear all the things!

How about some reading news… I started Erik Larson’s The Demon of Unrest this week. Oh my… it is fascinating and so engaging. At night I am reading Helen Simonson’s soon to be published The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club and really enjoying it!

There you have what I am working on… what about you? What’s on your radar this week?

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