I had an entirely different post planned for today and then I woke up thinking about Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day. I am not sure why I thought of this poem today… perhaps because we have been having a stretch of summer-like days, or perhaps because it is a long weekend and the “unofficial start of summer”… anyways I was thinking about “what else should I have done” and suddenly a summer bucket list was born!

Getting lost is not a waste of time. — Unknown

That little quote is most certainly true! Not wasting time this summer also seems importune… because how many summers might I have left? 10? 15? 20? More? However many, I can tell you it is not enough… so I am setting some intentions… ones I hope I can get lost in… and waste no time!

  1. Be a tourist in my town… at least once!
  2. Opt for more porch time!!
  3. Make some summer play lists… I am thinking a motivating weeding play list will do wonders! And a new Summery Happy Hour play list will be so fun!
  4. Learn something new… and then learn something else new!
  5. Reread some favorite books… I am thinking A Gentleman in Moscow, 4321, and Charlotte’s Web!
  6. Make ice cream!
  7. Make s’mores!
  8. Revisit Meadowcroft Rock Shelter and Ohiopyle
  9. Try a few new restaurants!
  10. Schedule a few “technology break” days!

I am kind of excited about this list… it feels both manageable and challenging! I will check back in on this list Labor Day weekend to see how I did!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you all back here on Tuesday with my May word update!


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