Greetings dearest Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

I confess that not much knitting has happened this week. I did make the tiniest bit of headway on my test knit sweater…but these are some long rows! I have not knit a stitch on those socks either… but I did cast on a new Hitchhiker! (I mean when all the knitting seems “meh” Hitchhiker to the rescue!)

Yes, I am juggling 3 balls of yarn, but it is working nicely… no obvious striping. Although, it looks like there is some pooling in the photo, it does not look that way IRL.

Steve’s mom and dad went to “The Peach Truck” drop site and got us a box of peaches… surprise! So I have been baking up a storm. And I will make Peach Ice Cream later this week! (Summer Bucket List FTW!) Take that 12 lbs of peaches!

On Monday, Carole shared a pizza dough recipe that I tried on Monday night and I am here to tell you… IT IS A WINNER! I did not mix the dough until noon-ish, so I just left the dough balls on the counter to bake for dinner. I did not use our Ooni, but instead just baked them in the oven on the baking steel. This dough came together easily, the instructions are not hard, and Carole is right… the dough is easy to shape (very little “spring back”) and it did not stick to the peel at all! If you like pizza… this is the perfect dough!

The reading this week… whew. I am happy for some “lighter” topics after squeaking in under the wire with the RWU selection! I am finally getting to the advance copy of Elizabeth Strout’s Tell Me Everything. I am racing through it and after that I have several new “mysteries” from Netgalley to dig into. I also picked up the next Max Tudor Mystery from the library… it is this week’s afternoon porch reading (and it is perfection for savoring this late spring days!) I am going to begin listening to Paul Auster’s 4 3 2 1 later today! Summer reading is my favorite!

There you have my (lack of) making week! What about you? Is making happening in your household?

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