It was an early, very warm morning in July, and it had rained during the night. The bare granite steamed, the moss and crevices were drenched with moisture, and all the colors everywhere had deepened. Below the veranda, the vegetation in the morning shade was like a rain forest of lush, evil leaves and flowers …
Tove Jansson, The Summer Book

This might be one of the best opening lines of a book and one that certainly describes how I think of July in my neighborhood.


While we had a plethora of “pop up” rainstorms Saturday making the day warm and muggy but a front moved through late Sunday and this morning temps in the 50’s greeted me… Hello, July indeed!

But I know that before I know it, July will have raced past and August will be upon us… so I better have some things I’d like to focus on this month, right?

  • Cast on and finish my 7th pair of socks this year! (Yes, I finished pair number six with a day to spare!) And I’d like to figure out how to knit those “heel tab ” shortie socks… so I began this pattern yesterday afternoon! For the Yarn Mavens here… I have no idea what yarn this is. It is something I tried to use in another project some years ago.
  • I got myself back to my daily stitching last month, and July is ready to begin as soon as this is posted. But I would like to find some minutes this month to “catch up” the end of April and begin and finish all of May.
  • And as far as the “big thing” for the month… I really need to do a big clean out of my closet. It has lost the plot (or I have given up on it…) and it needs a reorganization!
  • I have a couple of “lighter” sweaters (i.e. ones I wear in the deep freeze that is my house when the AC is blasting!) that have “thinning” elbows and loose buttons that need a bit of TLC. I think I have some yarn from when I originally knit them, but how to accomplish the “bolstering of the elbows” is currently being debated in my brain.

June lines give way to July flowers… and a start on a sock!

And there you have my list for July!

What about you? What is on your list this month?

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