Last week, I unplugged myself from everything… even knitting. Yes, even knitting… I was in a loop of knit/unknit and there was little comfort in that so I put it aside and brushed off my Sparrow and tuned in to the fiber in my hands.


I focused solely on drafting the next little bit of fiber to join the spinning yarn and it was as meditative as I remembered. The worries of the world faded and I reveled in the silence, the fiber, and the process of turning fluff into yarn. And before I knew it, I had a full bobbin. I put that bobbin aside and got another bobbin and began again. And when that fiber was all finished, I got another bobbin. By Saturday, I felt like I could string a few thoughts together (i.e. count!!) and do some plying! It took me the better part of the morning and afternoon, but I have a skein of new sock yarn! (And the start of a few “mini skeins,” some of which will be headed to the bag for future gnome production!)

My intention is to remain unplugged from all corporate media (and most social media as well) as I begin the great closet clean out this week. (I will need to be indoors because we have a week of hot, hot, and yes more hot in the forecast for this week!)

Happy Monday everyone, see you all back here on Wednesday!

P.S. I also used the away time to make some adjustments here at the blog, including implementing an ssl certificate and moving to a new server. I think I am done, but there might come a few more tweaks in the coming days. If you notice any issues, please let me know!


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