Sometimes Monday | 7.22.24

Sometimes Monday | 7.22.24

Is one where we can hold sadness and celebration in the same breath.

  • Today, I am saddened about President Biden (who might be the greatest president of my lifetime…) and his decision to step aside.
  • Today, I am celebrating the elevation of Vice President Harris to Presidential nominee. I am with her. Joy-FULLY with her!

I hope your Monday includes the same.

See you all back here on Wednesday.

Sometimes Monday | 7.22.24

Sometimes Monday | 7.15.24

Is in need of a great big diversion!

We can just let July be July, let the sun hang in the sky, clear your mind of all the things you’re waiting on.” — Lily Williams

I stumbled upon this quote yesterday and that led me to this… feels like the perfect July mantra…. later on!

I don’t know about you, but all this heat has me seeking diversions… wherever I can find them! I am hibernating indoors, thankful for working AC. When I drag myself outside to walk in our neighborhood and I am surrounded by a sea of brown grass and the trees and leafy bushes all have wilting leaves. The diversion of rain would be welcome… hugely welcome!

This morning I will divert my attention from the heat by scrubbing (the very sticky) kitchen floors… not the best diversion I can think of but once finished I will reward myself with a glass of iced tea and the finish of The Ministry of Time… I have a little less than half to go (and I have thoughts… so many thoughts!) September’s book discussion seems a long way off… so I am taking a few notes to help me remember!

Some quick painting studies are also a great diversion! I am contemplating trying a “big” lighthouse. (For those of you who have been to Presque Isle, you will recognize the North Pier Lighthouse) It is one of my favorite places to go when visiting Erie. There is always a breeze and sometimes it is extra breezy… which would be perfect for these hot days of summer! Drawing/painting has been a bit of a Calgon Moment for me… when I am feeling overwhelmed, over-heated, over-everything… I escape with a brush and add a few “washes.” I have imagined a more broody sky… inner me really wants some rain!

The weather app teases me with notifications of nearby lightning strikes… come on RAIN!



But for now… let’s get Monday started! See you all back here on Wednesday!


(almost) Mid-July RIFFing | 7.12.24

(almost) Mid-July RIFFing | 7.12.24

After a week of unbelievably steamy, hot weather which drove me back to my “indoor” desk… the past two mornings have been a welcome change. Cooler temps and the lack of humidity found me back on my porch… ahhh! (Never fear, that hot, oppressive weather is due back any second now!)

All week I have been contemplating what to post on Friday… with no inspiration at all! But!! I have not done a Friday RIFF in a while… so let’s get started!

Reflecting —

July is a very good month for me to do some reflecting! My word, time, continues to be an engaging word for me and a bit of review in my journal reminded me that there is a book I want to (re)read before the summer is over. I might have forgotten it had I not done some reflecting on where I have been! I did some honest reflection on my closet…  (those things I was keeping because I might someday be able to wear them again… ) well, I am happy to say that all those things are making their way to new homes! I pulled out my knitting last night and found comfort in the familiar rhythm of making one stitch after another. It was a pleasant way to pass the evening watching something on CreateTV with Steve.

Immersing —

Last December, I began a weekly practice with Margaret Renkl’s The Comfort of Crows. Each week, I read her essay and then I write down my thoughts about my backyard. This practice has been such a life altering thing for me. I feel “in” the season and have spent almost no time wishing for the next thing to arrive. And I am really loving the things I am realizing simply by paying attention to my ‘backyard world’. Steve is not a reader, but he has loved hearing essays and our discussions about them has been equally fun! (I guess we are officially old as birding is THE THING in our lives! LOL) I was more than a little bit excited when I saw that Margaret has me covered for next year as well!

(epic) Failure —

As in the MSM’s “Pundit’s” failure in coverage of President Biden. (I’d also add in here the elected White Men and White Women who have also showed their hand as well!) If you are wondering what I am talking about, just Google Brokered Conventions and see the results (cliffs notes: we lost every election where this happened!) When all this nonsense started, I had this niggling thought in my brain that what this was really all about was VP Harris… and I fear I am right.

and finally, because I don’t want to end this on that low note…

Feast —

Today I am baking something with some amazing Michigan blueberries! (Yes, I think Michigan blueberries are THE best!) and I put the ice cream maker back in the freezer to make a second batch of peach ice cream! (the first batch was amazing!) So there will be some summer feasting going on here! And now I am going to start the dough recipe that Carole shared a few weeks ago! Pizza happy hour FTW!

That’s all from me, have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!


Sometimes Monday | 7.22.24

Sometimes Monday… | 7.8.24

Last week, I unplugged myself from everything… even knitting. Yes, even knitting… I was in a loop of knit/unknit and there was little comfort in that so I put it aside and brushed off my Sparrow and tuned in to the fiber in my hands.


I focused solely on drafting the next little bit of fiber to join the spinning yarn and it was as meditative as I remembered. The worries of the world faded and I reveled in the silence, the fiber, and the process of turning fluff into yarn. And before I knew it, I had a full bobbin. I put that bobbin aside and got another bobbin and began again. And when that fiber was all finished, I got another bobbin. By Saturday, I felt like I could string a few thoughts together (i.e. count!!) and do some plying! It took me the better part of the morning and afternoon, but I have a skein of new sock yarn! (And the start of a few “mini skeins,” some of which will be headed to the bag for future gnome production!)

My intention is to remain unplugged from all corporate media (and most social media as well) as I begin the great closet clean out this week. (I will need to be indoors because we have a week of hot, hot, and yes more hot in the forecast for this week!)

Happy Monday everyone, see you all back here on Wednesday!

P.S. I also used the away time to make some adjustments here at the blog, including implementing an ssl certificate and moving to a new server. I think I am done, but there might come a few more tweaks in the coming days. If you notice any issues, please let me know!


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