Thursday’s are for Poetry | 4.27.28

Thursday’s are for Poetry | 4.27.28

It is my favorite day… in my favorite month. The idea that you can carry poems with you… what a delightful thing! Today we are all sharing some poems for your pockets…

Today, I am sharing one for all of us for whom sleep is, at times, elusive. Apparently, dear Billy Collins is also similarly afflicted and he has some wisdom wit for us. I have memorized this bit of wit and contemplate it all too frequently… but at least I know I am in good company!

3:00 AM

by Billy Collins

Only my hand
is asleep,
but it’s a start.

3:00 AM from Musical Tables © Billy Collins, Random House New York, 2022.

If you want to know more about the delightful Billy Collins, you will find find information here, and here at his website. 

Please make sure you stop and see what Kym, Bonny, and Sarah have for your pockets today!

Thank you so much for reading along with us this month!

A Gathering of Poetry | December 2022

A Gathering of Poetry | December 2022

It’s the third Thursday of December and that can mean just one thing…it’s the day to share a poem!

December is a month that overflows with poetry for me. Maybe it is the darker mornings, maybe it is the twinkle lights, maybe it is the season… but December finds me steeped in poetry.

I treated myself to two new poetry books this month. I picked up Billy Collins Musical Tables and I had pre-ordered Pádraig Ó Tuama’s Poetry Unbound: 50 Poems to Open Your World, which was released on December 6th.

I am saving the Poetry Unbound volume to read next year… I will read one poem and essay for 50 weeks and I am very much looking forward to this addition to my poetry reading!

However, I have been unable to put down Billy Collins new book of poems! I have read it through  twice and I am on my third time through currently. It is so, so good. If you think that poetry is not for you, try Billy Collins… he makes poetry fun, easy to read, but with just enough for you to think about after you have read one of his poems! And if you want to listen to a delightful interview where NPR’s Scott Simon talks with Collins about his new book of poems, you will find it here (it starts at 7:58).

Today, my selection is from Musical Tables with a very appropriate for the season poem.


by Billy Collins

For a moment,
the ox and a sheep
looked over at each other,

then they turned away
and went back
to adoring the Child.

Billy Collins: Musical Tables © 2022. Published by Random House, Penguin Random House LLC

A huge thanks to Bonny for hosting us all today, please stop by and see what poems have been shared! And I would like to encourage you all to pick up a poetry book and read a poem or two… you might even find one that you’d like to share one with us because we’d love to have you join us!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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