Thoughts For a Wednesday

Thoughts For a Wednesday

The lure to knit another sweater remains strong especially when I look at this thread. So many lovely sweaters there! I am trying to entertain myself with socks, but I momentarily fell off the Sock Train and started knitting a beachy Hop Brook with my handspun Dorset Down. Unfortunately, neither one is keeping me from wanting another sweater, especially a grellow one…

I did some hand stitching on some hand-woven fabric, I should have photos this week to share, that is if the Eternal Greyness of Days ever ends.

But, I am so happy to have these gorgeous orchids blooming away in my living room. They are a lovely sentinel of color in a very dreary winter.

And, maybe a mid-week Chinese food pick me up is in order today. A bit of hot mustard is the best cure-all and I know for a fact I could use a healthy dose!

Have a great Wednesday, Gentle Reader. Friday will be here before we know it!

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