Welcome to my new world!

Hello and welcome to the new home of As Kat Knits!

First off, I need to thank Steve for all his help and his willingness to spend a couple of hours on his weekend tweaking this place to my preferences and answering my questions without complaining once – and I had plenty of tweaking and questions!

As you can see, he is a genius when it comes to web development and beyond that is the best friend a person could ever have.

You will find things here that were not on my old digs, and you will find some things that were there –  but all are improvements, in my opinion. First off, you will note that my preferred reading now has its own page!  Watch for updates to that page as I finish importing your blog links. If you want your link added, please let me know!

So, get a cup of coffee, look around, and please do not forget to update your rss feeds with my new address!

Happy Monday everyone!

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