Have you seen my Mojo?

It seems that my creativity has taken a hike and I was not invited! I have been wrestling with a blog post for several days now and it seems that I am down for the count.

I have indeed been busy between work and Tour de Fleece that is not the issue.

It is just that when I sit down to write, a malaise comes over me and I cannot string a simple sentence together with any measure of coherent thought!

Therefore, what is a girl to do when Writer’s Block suddenly seems insurmountable?

In an attempt to restart my mojo, I am going to share with you the foibles of dating today…

This is not for the faint-of-heart, Gentle Reader.

Trust me.

So without further adieu, I bring you the next chapter in the Lack of Love Life of Kat:

The interwebz have given single people a completely new pond from which to fish, it seems. Dating sites abound from the “pay through the nose” types to free – and let me just tell you, free is not always good nor do you get what you pay for!


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