Where There Are Sheep

There is sure to be wool. Even an over-abundance of wool.

Early yesterday morning, I boarded a bus bound for the one and only Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My excitement was at a fevered pitch after reading blog posts about what to do.

I had made my lists, I had highlighted some vendors that I deemed “must see”, and I had a map of the festival.

However, I really had no idea of what to expect at all. I was delusional in thinking that I would have time to lunch with new friends, see everything I wanted to see, and have a leisurely amount of time to complete everything.

First off, I have been to fiber festivals before but I had absolutely no idea of the volume of people who would be at the Howard County Fairgrounds – much less that they would all be in Miss Bab’s booth looking for exactly what was on my list! Yet let me tell you about Fiber Folk – they are a kind and gentle lot. There was no pushing, no shoving, no grabbing – but rather, people who helped each other find things. These are not the “Black Friday” masses in any way, shape, or form – even standing in the LONG line to pay there was no irritation or even any grumbling. Thank you fans of Miss Bab’s for renewing my faith in humankind – at least the segment of humankind that knits – I am proud to call you ‘my people’! I managed to snag a couple of treasures from Miss Bab’s and got my day off to a good start.


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