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Sock Spinning

I learned quite a bit during the 20+ days of Tour de Fleece – and one of the things I really honed in on was how to produce a 3-ply fingering weight sock yarn. Actual fingering weight – not heavy fingering weight. But, fingering weight that will knit to gauge on a...
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And, They’re Off!

Hello Gentle Reader! I hope you are having an awesome extended weekend for the holiday, and if you were waiting patiently for the start of the AsKatKnits Summer Knit-Along, the wait is over! Last night, in preparation, I pulled out one of the WIPs from my basket and...
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Thursday Things

On Being Cranky: As the heat and humidity stretch on unbearably, I am sitting here longing for a change. I am cranky pants at so many endless days of a closed up house, encased in air conditioning. And, when I say cranky pants – I mean really CRANKY PANTS! Perhaps,...
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The Case for Cladonia

A couple of years ago, I knit this sample. It turned out beautifully and I really wanted to knit one to keep. But, as with many things – time passes and I forgot about it. Until this, since Gale posted her fantastic version of this I have been unable to get Cladonia...
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AsKatKnits Summer Knit-Along

Tell me, dear Knitter, have you previously been lured in with a summer long knit-a-rama and all you achieved was epic failure? Yeah, me too. And, this topic expanded more when I was talking with my friend, planetKnit, about our usual summer knit along that we had both...
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With Visions of Breakfast Dancing in My Head

Welcome to Think Write Thursday! This week Carole and I are eager for you to Tell Us About the Best Breakfast You Ever Had: If you asked me, I would absolutely say I am not a "breakfast eater" my usual for a major portion of my adult life has just been coffee. That...

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Knitting Anticipation

There has not been a lot of knitting around here this week. However, there has been a good deal of knitting anticipation. Like this, and this. Knitting ennui has been vanquished! But, I hope to have the Honey Cowl done later today. I only have about an inch more to...

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Winner, Winner, Roast Pork Dinner

One recipe that really grabbed my attention when I read Ruth's book this past summer, was a recipe for an apple cider braised pork roast. Ruth calls for a big bone in pork shoulder roast – and a recipe that feeds 6-8 people. Now, for a household of two this might not...

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Rewind, Replay, Reverse

Today, I just want to go back in time. Back to when we were on vacation. Or at least back to Friday and the start of the weekend. Especially since yesterday was a day of Mary Poppins weather – you know the kind, Practically perfect in every way! It all just went too...

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Knitting Ennui

I have it bad. Dissatisfaction? Yep. Discontent from a lack of interest? Bingo. I have got ennui in spades. I am going to attempt to reverse this trend with Thing One, pictured above. Joy? Oh, yes! Enthusiasm? Absolutely! I am so excited about this Honey of a cowl...

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Think Write Thursday!

First there was 10 On Tuesday: I am sad to say that I was late to the 10 on Tuesday party, although I had been reading Carole's blog for a long time I was an infrequent (ok, maybe less than infrequent) commenter and it was not until last November when she inspired me...

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Socktacular Success – At Last

After spending the weekend in Knitting Time out (both me and the sock!) I ripped back on Monday and started the process of adding more inches to the Sock of Doom. I fearfully began the decreases and stopped. There would be NO MORE RIPPING of this sock. I waited for...

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Tuesday’s with Ruth

Leaves turning. Early fall farmers' market. I'll buy apples, pork, kale, squash, and spend the weekend dancing in the kitchen. Cant' wait. ~ My Kitchen Year, Ruth Reichl Last summer I was fortunate to have read Ruth Reichl's book, My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That...

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