Tiny Moment Tuesday | 5.22.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 5.22.18

This past week has been filled with gardening moments. There is something that just feels so amazing that these little plants return year after year. P.S. The Great American Read debuts tonight on PBS (at least it does on my PBS affiliate). You can find the list of...

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Achievements Unlocked

What a weekend, Gentle Readers! It seemed to fly by at warp speed and it contained bits of all kinds of things. I masterfully unlocked the "Wear Your New Summer Sweater" achievement by...

Fiber Friday | 5.18.18

Houston, we have bind off! Yes, that's right… Lucinda, she is finished!! She just needs a bit of a soak, some very minor blocking, and a few ends woven in! Look for better pictures next week! All the details are on my project page on Ravelry. Now… let the swatching...

Three on Thursday | 5.17.18

Today it's all about the humor found in odd places! Thing One: When the Rolling Stones and the FBI cross paths: Thing Two: Crazy rains here last night caused some major flooding very near my house: Best retweet of this: Thing Three: Laurel or Yanny? There you have it!...

Unraveled Wednesday | 5.16.18

My sweater qualifies for the close but no cigar prize but if all goes well, it should be done today. I am really hoping that a bit of a soak and some blocking evens out these stitches because I am really worried, especially about the sleeve ribbing and I might have to...

Currently | 5.15.18

It seems with blogging daily I am telling you everything that is going on in my life. Close, but not really. A good bit of time has passed since my last Currently post, and Tuesday's being an inordinately challenging blog post day, I figure it might be time for some...

Summer Planning, The Knits

Closing in on the finish line of my Lucinda feels so very good. This weekend's rain actually helped spur that finish along and just tiny bits of knitting remain. That can mean but one thing, figuring out my Summer Knit Agenda and I think I have it mapped out fairly...

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