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A High Fiber Diet

I am in the home stretch of TdF2016 and I have had a fantastic time. The spinning has been varied and educational. While I have not spun that many yards (3570 yds to date, i.e. 2.02 miles) I have spun a variety of yarns. From worsted to woolen, including about 2100...
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Finishing Well

I have two fantastic finished objects that just might be the perfect things to help me when summer withdrawals start happening about mid-October! First up – Tales from the Isle of Purbeck. This was a MKAL that I was late to join, but join I did. I spent some time...
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A Spinning Jumpstart

I wrote a simple Haiku for Poetry Fridays because April is National Poetry Month with the perfect fiber focus to for today’s post. Thanks Kym for the reminder! I think you might all remember this lovely yarn that just did not want to be Twig and Leaf. Well, I...
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Cooler with a side of knitting and reading

The weather has taken a detour back to spring temperatures over the past 24 hours. The humidity has gone elsewhere (sorry if elsewhere is where you are) and the high temperature yesterday was on 73, and last night was perfect sleeping weather! This is so welcome,...
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Fiber Friday – Stage 13

Tour de Fleece continues to be in the forefront for me this week, today is Stage 13 for le Tour and it is the first time-trial, for those that are following along with the riders. As such, I am pacing through my Montadale singles, having 2 bobbins spun – I will start...
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Knitting, listening, and pondering

I am scraping the bottom of my Summer Knitting basket and have finally pulled out Triticum to finish it up. I have begun the arm decreases on the right front, so I should have this piece done soon and then just two sleeves stand between me and a new sweater! I think...

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Spinning to Knit

Last week, Jillian Moreno’s highly anticipated (at least by me!) book Yarnitecture was released. I got my copy on Friday and that sort of derailed any other reading plans I had for the weekend. And, today being Tuesday I am going to share you my 10 favorite...

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Behind the Eight Ball

Hullo, Monday… nice of you to bring the cooler weather. Too bad you did not bring some organization with you because I am feeling decidedly unorganized today! Friday Happy Hour was an inside affair, but it was good. And, that Tomato Jam is to die for! Couple that with...

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A Tale of Four Swatches

Happy FriYAY from a MUCH cooler, LESS humid Pittsburgh! The AC is off and the windows are open!! Cranky Pants level has been dramatically reduced. AND!!! Dark Sky™ is forecasting temps in the 70’s next week, with overnight lows in the mid 50’s – low...

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Thursday Things

On Being Cranky: As the heat and humidity stretch on unbearably, I am sitting here longing for a change. I am cranky pants at so many endless days of a closed up house, encased in air conditioning. And, when I say cranky pants – I mean really CRANKY PANTS! Perhaps,...

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Knitting Detours

I really wanted to get my Pincha done yesterday, but a friend called and I was encouraged to take a Yarn Shop Detour. We wanted to visit Natural Stitches before they close in September and since it is not far from Yarns by Design, we stopped there too! There was lots...

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When Summer is Over

Hello, 10 on Tuesday fans! Carole, our fearless leader, is having a bit of a vacay this week, but I thought it would be the perfect time to share some ideas for preserving the best tastes of the season to enjoy when summer is gone! Now, you may notice that tomatoes...

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Weekend Redundancy

The weather seems to be in a holding pattern – hot, humid, with intermittent and at times heavy rain showers. There was not much time outdoors this weekend. This remains the forecast for the week, and though I am not thrilled to admit it – I am really ready for a...

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