Today starts the weekend that isn’t.

It is a weekend, but there isn’t much us time. A good friend of Steve’s is getting married tomorrow and Steve is standing up with him.

So, happy hour isn’t happening tonight.

There will be some brief moments of resistance for me on Saturday morning, but the remainder of the day isn’t what I normally do.

Perhaps we can squeeze a weekend into Sunday… we shall have to see. But, reality tells me that isn’t likely.

But of course, I have some links for you:

It was a quiet week on Ravelry but I recently knit a hat pattern by Mary Lou Egan and she released Swales DK in January which I somehow missed. However, she writes a great pattern and I love the simple pattern.

Virginia Sattler-Reimer has a new sock pattern

This one is for Mary who loves Lori Versaci patterns (And, Mary… Shibui Linen + Pebble!) Interesting construction as well!

This is lovely…

Churchmouse Teas and Yarns has a new Sleeveless Slipover pattern! Oh, man! I love all the options – Dress length, tunic, short… I love them all!

And, finally today begins Round 3 of the MDK March Mayhem… I am amazed how well I am doing!! How about you? Are your favorites still in?

The Best View

The Best View

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is an interesting one: look out a window you don’t normally look out of and tell us what you see.

I am going to take that in an entirely different direction and see where that takes me.

Rather than a window, I am going to share my portal to my favorite neighbors and friends – the internet and my computer monitor!

  • It is the place where I find out how Bonny is doing, what she is growing, and her vacation memory posts of late have been so much fun!
  • Then I can look and see how Kym and Honore will inspire me – and the inspiration is always significant when you visit them!
  • I check to see if dear Margene has updated her blog and make a mental note to write her a letter.
  • The links at kmkat’s are always stellar and she serves things up with the perfect amount of sarcasm, which I deeply love.
  • I always enjoy Doug and Boone updates from Patty, and her Facebook messages are the best, just sayin’.
  • A visit to Sprite Writes is especially nice on the days she makes me think about what is beautiful in my world – thank you for making me stop and consider, Sprite!
  • From there I stop by to see what new adventures Gale has in store, her photos inspire me.
  • The day is never complete without a visit to Caffeine Girl, she is a fantastic knitter, and she reads such good books – but what I really love about her is her beautiful stitching.
  • Then I am off to visit Bridget and her darling cats. Her knitting is amazing as well.
  • The day is never complete without dear Mary. She has taught me so much about Timbered Choirs and she is warm and so welcoming. Her knitting is unreal and she shares the best glimpses into her life with Charlie and Sam.
  • A new friend is Juliann, but she is a welcome addition! She eats lovely things and she quilts! Oh my! I love her stitching so much. Add to that, she is a knitter and what is not to love? I have also shared the Just Five Things journey with her – and I look forward to another chapter this spring with her!
  • Then on to Wisconsin and Vicki aka Knitorious. I have been a long time lurker of Vicki, but I am happy I am no longer a lurker, but an actual commenter! She somehow does all the things – sewing, knitting, cooking, and her pictures are so lovely! I love that she shares Jun and Gin!
  • PA Knit/Wit is another recent friend and a very special one because she lives in Pittsburgh, and while we have not yet met – I hope that we will one day very soon. She is not only an amazing spinner – she is an amazing pattern writer!
  • Another Pennsylvania friend who is never short on inspiration is Karen – she lives in such a beautiful place and her photos that she shares are so incredible! She is also a prolific knitter and reader. No day is complete without her wise and gentle voice.
  • Finally, there is dear Carole – she is the thread through whom I made most of these connections. I visit Carole for so many reasons, but mostly for her. Her voice, her images, her joie de vivre, and yes – her beverages! No one quite does weekends quite like Carole, although, I do aspire. She has inspired me to be a better blogger. She has inspired me to be a better photographer. She has inspired me to be more welcoming… she just inspires me.

This is what my view is every single day. And, really… it does not get much better than this.

Want to see what everyone else wrote about for Think Write Thursday? You will find them all here. Want to join Carole and I on this journey? We would love to have you join us! You can sign up here.


Bits of Knitting and Reading

Bits of Knitting and Reading

Knitting and reading have been in a bit of a holding pattern.

I am almost done with A Rule Against Murder with Inspector Gamache. I should have it finished later today.

Up next is this gem from the library. I simply loved Norwegian by Night and I hope I love The Girl in Green as well.

I keep thinking I just have a few more inches to go, but I don’t seem to be getting there. After yesterday’s internal debate about ripping back, the ‘make it perfect’ voice inside me won out, I ripped back and added in the shaping…but!!! This allowed me to try the sweater on again and yep, I now have about 3 inches to go before I have some additional short row shaping and then the ribbing. So, the body is soooo close to being done! I am actually looking forward to getting to Sleeve Island!! Good thing there is a new season of The Bridge available.

Happy Wednesday!

Reflecting Randomly

Reflecting Randomly

The Woman’s March focus this week is “Reflect & Resist”

In that same vein… here are some things to reflect on this week…

Sometimes the (continued) brilliance of knitters astounds me, but this is insane! Because of this, I have added “take at least one class with Mary Scot Huff” to my list of things to do before I die…

Life has been super stressful with the daily barrage of nonsense coming out of Washington, so I was thrilled when The Night Gardner was available from my local library. Reading it has brought Maximum Stress Reduction… I highly recommend it! I have read it twice so far and it is a lovely, lovely book! Feed your inner child this week – read a kid’s book!

Sweater knitting continues but, sometimes it does not go well…

I will let you know how that blocks out, because I am not ripping back again!

That is all I have for today, but please – tell me something random that is happening in your world today.

Wait…it’s Monday?

Wait…it’s Monday?

It was a whirlwind weekend for sure, because I cannot believe it is Monday already.

This week is sure to be insane…there are meetings, and a vet appointment for Sherman, and then the weekend is filled with Wedding stuff.

Yeah…the end of March is Roaring like a Lion with activities!

This weekend included some quiet St. Patty’s at home festivities that included Guinness and some really good Reuben Dip. I substituted low-fat swiss cheese, reduced fat cream cheese, and no fat sour cream and I noticed no difference, although – both Steve and I would have liked more sauerkraut in it (so I will double it the next time I make it!)

Saturday included errands, burgers, some March Madness, and laundry…

Sunday’s highlight was the Ready to Resist call with two amazing speakers – Rev. Dr William Barber and Senator Jeff Merkley.

By Sunday night I wondered where the weekend went…

Knitting kind of had the backseat all weekend – but, I hope to correct that today! And, don’t forget ROUND TWO of MDK’s March Madness starts today! Go Vote!!

I hope your weekend was awesome and your Monday is too!

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