TGIF | 11.22.19

TGIF | 11.22.19

The last Friday before Thanksgiving looms large in my house. While I did pretty good at checking off most of my list, I did not quite get everything crossed off…Refrigerator, I am looking at you! But a rainy Friday and an engaging audio book will help me get it cleaned out this morning! (Proof on Monday, I promise!)

(sort of) Tiny Gnomes –

My Gnome knitting is completed and delivered! The hat was absolutely the fussiest part of the entire thing. But he is so cute, and Steve’s mom loved this new addition to her collection!

Gaining –

Yes, I am making progress in my other knitting project(s)! I have finally reached the point of joining the fronts and back of Evening Dew!! AND, I have the heel flap *almost* done on sock one of those Gift Socks!

IN love –

I had been thinking that this “half-hat” would be perfect, but then I saw this in the first Making Winter! I have yarn that will work, and my subscription has been renewed (just this morning!) Entrelac vs Colorwork… it seemed an easy choice! PLUS!! Making Winter is full of more lovely little things that could keep me busy the entire winter season and beyond!

Fiona and the Women –

I have been watching the impeachment hearings faithfully, and while I have been so impressed and comforted at the steady, hard-working, doing the right thing career government employees, Dr. Fiona Hill really was something to behold. I have a bit of a fan-girl crush on her – she is incredibly well-spoken, smarter than everyone in the hearing room, and with incredible recall. She has attained Superhero status in my book!

And adding to all my joy over Dr. Hill – did you catch the debate on Wednesday night? There were more women than men on the stage! Of the 14 on stage, there were 8 women including the 4 moderators. IMO, it was the best debate thus far. And, I am thinking this morning how much better everything would be if smart women were in charge.

And, that is all I have for this week! I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.20.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.20.19

Late November unraveling feels a bit frantic; do you agree?

I have a pair of socks I’d like to finish for a Christmas gift… this from the person who might just be the slowest sock knitter in the Northern Hemisphere. I don’t even have a HO (and that damned clock is ticking!) And these socks are knit on a bigger than usual needle and it is still slow going!

However, the Gnome has been started and I think the fiddliest bits are done (that three-pointed cap was a bitch, just sayin’) I am almost to the body decreases so the speed of knitting has picked up dramatically!

(And, my poor Evening Dew Cardigan has not seen much knitting time at all this week!)

But I do have a finished object!! Yes… it took a long time (I really can’t even remember when I started this hat – but it was a while ago) It has been languishing and fell into the out of sight, out of mind black hole. However, a bit of cleaning on Saturday and it resurfaced – and some attention on Saturday night, and a wee bit on Sunday and by Monday morning I was doing the decreases and now I have a blocked finished Sockhead Slouch Hat to keep Steve’s head warm!

His exuberance is overwhelming, no?

Books this week included Ann Cleeve’s sixth book in her Shetland series; Thin Air. I struggled to get into this series, but perseverance has paid off because this was my favorite one yet! 4-stars and I truly recommend this series!

I also finished Eventide, the second in Kent Haruf’s Plaintide trilogy. I loved it more than the first. I especially love how he has woven the stories of the people from Holt, CO together. If you are looking for a series that is the perfect thing for a “holiday read” look no further! I highly recommend (and Eventide got 5-stars!)

That is all I have for this week and if you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below!

Sometimes Monday | 11.18.19

Sometimes Monday | 11.18.19

Includes some “carry-over” items from last week’s list.

I had hoped to get a Gnome stared and Thanksgiving is now looming large! But, my yarn is all set and I’ve moved it up on the list, so it gets started AND completed!

I had hoped to get Christmas lights out… however, looking at the forecast, Thursday might be our warmest day – perfect for doing this undone task!

I had hoped to get the refrigerator cleaned out (and I am truly wondering why this task is so easily ignored??)

Plus, I found a thing or two to add to my list – I need a “half-hat” (otherwise known as a headband) for outside walking. You know… for those days when you need something for your ears, but a hat is just too warm. I hope to find the time to cast one on tonight!

And, so with my exceedingly long list in hand, I had better get started on this week! Happy Monday all!

TGIF | 11.22.19

TGIF | 11.15.19

You can’t promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing off corrupt people. – George P. Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs

In my opinion, this was the best quote of the week. Bravo to Mr. Kent for saying it and it is certainly true!

Now, how about a quick TGIF and then… let the weekend begin!

Tenacious Knitting –

I thought I was fairly focused in my knitting this week…so focused that I feel like I should have both shoulders done! BUT!! I had a brief set back in which I had to rip out the left shoulder of my Evening Dew cardigan because I should have been knitting the right shoulder!! One would think that at my age I would know right from left, but apparently not… Anyways, the right shoulder is now finished (with the right chart!!) and the left shoulder was begun last night – with the left chart!

Gratitude –

I had hoped to maintain a gratitude list on IG which lasted for all of one day. It has been a tough week here and I am thankful for blogging friends, especially Carole, who brought gratitude reminders back into focus for me. I also realized that posting an image does not mean there was nothing to be grateful about. And, in a tough week I revisited Michelle’s prompt for seeking gratitude when sidetracked and specifically this Gilbert K. Chesterton quote: When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude. I am working hard on taking them with gratitude, but it is a work in progress – truly.

Ignoring the Impulse –

I have had some yarns sitting in a cart all week as I think about those sweaters from last week! I have been very good at ignoring the impulse to purchase said yarn. Part of my success is that while I would love a red sweater for Christmas – the voice of reason tells me that will not happen this year. And purchasing yarn for a sweater for next Christmas does not have the same feelings of urgency.

Festive Prep Plans –

I have been listening to bursts of holiday music (except when Steve has been home, because he is the Penultimate Grinch about all things Christmas – especially music!) I also heard Mother Nature loud and clear this week with her Winter Weather Warning! This weekend my plans are to get out those holiday lights and have them festively adorning our bushes, ready and waiting for the time when Steve deems it okay to turn them on!

And that is all I have for the week! I hope your weekend is full of all good things and that Monday takes her sweet time in getting here!

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.13.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.13.19

Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

I finished my Baby Velvet knitting binge with a bang – one final pint-sized cowl so Vivi can match her mom! (I think it might be a little big, but it will absolutely work!) Details for my modifications are here.

I got to the next part of the Evening Dew Cardigan! Yes, I have picked out the provisional cast on (which can I just say is not for the faint of heart when using mohair/silk laceweight yarn!) and have begun the front shoulder portion of the sweater! Woooo! Yes, it is minute progress… but progress!

I also am tossing the stash to cast on an Oh Gnome, You Didn’t and I am hoping I have some orange yarn somewhere…

Now, how about a wee reading update:

Finish Number One… Plainsong by Kent Haruf. Oh my, this is a lovely book. The writing is wonderful and the stories of the people living in Holt, Colorado draw you in. I listened to the audio version and I so enjoyed it. The narrator was very good, and I loved this book almost as much as Our Souls at Night. I recommend this 4-star book!

Next, I finished How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Another audio book, this one read by Kendi, was the perfect follow up to Just Mercy. Kendi invites you gently in and helps you unpack your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas – gently, directly – beautifully! He does not condemn the listener, he inspires you to be better, to change in positive ways, and to be a more active antiracist. 5-stars for this must-read book!

That is all I have for this week. What about you? Have you had any making successes this week?

As always, if you wrote a post to share, please leave you link below and thank you!

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