Hello, March | 3.1.24

Hello, March | 3.1.24

March came in that winter like the meekest and mildest of lambs, bringing days that were crisp and golden and tingling, each followed by a frosty pink twilight which gradually lost itself in an elfland of moonshine. ― L.M. Montgomery

L.M. Montgomery’s quote above seems quite perfect for this morning… everything is covered in a frost and my breath is visible as I walk. But the skies are clear, the sun rose with a gorgeous rosy golden glow… and the temperature is supposed to rise into the 50’s today!

February roared to a close this week, literally… raging winds that blew out the mild weather we had and reminded me that, yes… it is still winter! Still. Sigh.

But March brings the “light at the end of the tunnel” closer and closer. My morning walks are full of light… beautiful light. Well at least for a few more days until we turn the clocks ahead on the 10th, then I will have lighter nighttime walks as I wait for the morning light to catch up again.

I had such great hopes for a spring with a plethora of blooming daffodils, crocus, alliums, and tulips but most of those hopes have been dashed… or rather eaten. Yes, every last crocus that had come up has been eaten entirely… every.last.one. And the few tulips that had begun to sprout have been shredded by the damned squirrels. And whatever was eating those tender allium shoots… keeps eating them as they valiantly continue to grow. I planted an abundance (30 or so) of “daffodils for naturalizing” and not a single one has sprouted. The only daffodils that have grown are the ones I planted near the living room window. So March Disappointment is absolutely A. Thing.

The snowdrops though… they started blooming last month and they are still going strong! One day last month, I sat in the sunshine on the porch step soaking in the warmth and watched bees dancing around those tender blooms. So maybe I just need to order a LOT more snowdrop bulbs!!

I have thought about the things I want to accomplish this month… but I don’t really have any spectacular things to put on a list.

I *need* to pull out a few “warm weather” things in my closet (a few are pulled out but maybe a few more… I really don’t like the “mixed wardrobe closet” at all. It just feels like chaos… because it is a bit chaotic!)

I have an eye doctor appointment this month and a meeting with the audiologist about hearing aids.

So there you have my March… I am hopeful that my disappointments will wane and that there will be good things that overtake them!

What about you? What do you hope your March holds?

** Photo by Polina Kovaleva

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.28.24

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.28.24

Greetings dear Unravelers!

We have arrived at the last Wednesday of February. The month started (at least for me) to creep along slowly and then it picked up speed and just kept barreling along. It does not seem possible that we turn the page to a new month this week!

My pace has been more steady and I have settled in to a daily rhythm that feels so perfect. I start my day with a few minutes of “get my brain moving” stitching… this month, filling in a February “stone” on my daily stitching. Two more stones to fill (I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon) and then I will tuck it away with January’s stitching. I prepped the March linen earlier this week… March blocks all ready to be outlined, which I will work on as some bonus afternoon stitching. I have some fun ideas for these blocks… and I can’t wait to see if my ideas will work!

March Blocks… the outlines look a bit messy, but it is a water soluble pencil that washes out completely. 

I have been knitting round and round knitting at night… I have about another inch to go before I do some increases over the course of several inches on Steve’s vest and then it settles back to round and round knitting until I get to the armscye… but that is miles away right now. Hopefully a picture with some progress next week!

The fun knitting is that I began a new gnome on Monday… Steve saw the “Soylent Green” hat and named him Cher-gnome-ble… I think the name is going to stick! I have a bit more knitting but I imagine that he will be done sooner than later!

And I might have fallen down the Knit a Blanket hole…if I can get Cher-gnome-ble done and make some progress on Steve’s vest I will let myself cast on!

Whew, despite all that making activity, it was another slow reading week. I have just one finish… Dave Eggers The Eyes & the Impossible. This was the perfect palate cleanser after The Poisonwood Bible. Eggers provided humor and a fun story… and, as Bonny said, while it is not Charlotte’s Web… it is still very good!

At night, I have about 25% left of Real Americans. I like it… but it feels a bit disjointed as you move from one part of the story to another. I am also listening to Frozen River… with mixed thoughts on this story.

What about you? What’s inspiring you this week?

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Self Time | February 2024

Self Time | February 2024

Self-care is not a waste of time. Self-care makes your use of time more sustainable. — Jackie Viramontez

I approached the concept of time a bit differently this month. I am not very good at the idea of “self-care” (as I think many women are…sigh.)

Every day this month, I have tried to spend at least fifteen minutes each day for myself. (The 15-minute block of time was the easiest thanks to my 100-day project.) But I wanted to do more than 15 minutes of stitching for myself.

Thanks to a scheduling issue, my “annual” physical was pushed back from January to the first of February which I thought was a great way to start the month with a self-care focus! This was just my second visit with my doctor… the first time was last January and I did not have a “good vibe” with him. I am happy to report that this visit was not that! He asked if I had any concerns… so I talked about my bouts with insomnia, the ever-present tinnitus, and my decreasing/diminishing hearing. He listened and helped me “make some plans” which I have been implementing all month long.

First up, he helped me realize that sleep should not be fleeting and insomnia does not need to be a.thing. “Make the bedroom a sanctuary,” was his suggestion and I worked on that! I started by getting some new sheets for the bed.  I also stopped reading in bed after “lights out,” which has had a dramatic impact on sleep. And he gave me some different ideas on how to deal with the tinnitus at night. Yes, I still had a few nights of insomnia… but I got out of bed, got a glass of water, and then sat up and read for a bit. Surprise, surprise… I soon found myself feeling tired enough to put the book down and go back to bed. He also suggested melatonin for the nights that I am really struggling but I have not had to take any… yet.

The second phase of my doctor visit begins this morning with my appointment with an ENT doctor. Goals for this appointment…discuss the tinnitus and the hearing loss. I will have a hearing test as well, and yes, I am a bit nervous. But I think no matter what the outcome of this appointment, by addressing these issues will result in a better quality of life!

I also had bloodwork done and it was fantastic! The Lipitor® is working fantastically! And my other numbers were not bad at all. Thank goodness for science because atorvastatin is one amazing little pill!

I got the RSV vaccine as well, and although I ran a low-grade fever for a couple of days after getting the “jab” I have another level of protection as I go about life!

I made an appointment for an eye exam… sadly, the actual appointment is not until next month. But living life with “readers” for “every vision” in every space has passed the frustrating mark… New glasses, yes please!

I still *need* to make an appointment to get my hair cut as well. This has been on my list all month and I have just been ignoring it. (In case you think I somehow achieved a perfect score in self care…) I don’t know why I am avoiding this perhaps a bit of not knowing what I want…But February is not yet over… there are a few days left this month to make that call!

Making yourself a priority is like sprinkling golden dust of richest blessings on your life. — Hiral Nagda

I also have been delighting in an extra poem (or two) with my morning meditation time. Nothing… and I mean absolutely nothing is better to begin a day than stopping and reading a poem. It changes the inside of me… in such a good way!

I also spent more time stitching… gosh, who knew that a needle, some thread, and a piece of linen could be a thing that saved my life this month! When my knitting just fell flat, I had stitching… when I needed a brief respite, I had stitching… when I had an idea to try “x”, I had stitching. And even if the idea did not work… often I found a different way to try something. (So yes, I am loving my daily stitching project. One small “stone” each day this month found its way into my heart and I have loved what I have learned!) I always knew making, in some form, was a good thing I did for myself and right now stitching is leading the way!

But perhaps the best thing I learned this month is that taking care of myself is the “golden dust of richest blessings…” Yes, yes!

And that is my month of “self care” perhaps I have set my feet on the path of being better about prioritizing myself.

A huge thanks to Carolyn for providing us all a landing space to talk about our words and how we interacted with them this month!

See you all back here on Wednesday!

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.21.24

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.21.24

Greetings Dear Unravelers and Welcome!

There was some unraveling this week… remember that hat I shared last week? Well, it was just too big, which for a hat is not a good thing. I got gauge, but it was just huge. This yarn has “tried” to be a number of things so perhaps it is the yarn and not the knitter! Socks did not work (and I tried several patterns), and a hat was not it either! And so this skein is being consigned to the Gnome Bag! My goal today is to find a suitable skein to try Sarah’s hat pattern again…wish me luck! (with eleventy-zillion skeins of sock yarn in my stash this should be an easy thing to do!)

However, I did have success this week with a finished pair of socks! Pair #2 for 2024…The yarn is a “test color way” from Fibernymph Dyeworks — Grays/Pinks Test Colorway. I knit my favorite sock pattern, Carole’s Picot Socks and they just flew off the needles. A sock is the perfect nighttime knit… I can sit with Steve but not really pay too much attention to what is on television.

I also succeeded in the Italian Tubular Cast On… and I have the ribbing finished and have started the body of Steve’s vest. The color is kind of off-putting because really I want to keep knitting with pinks! But it will be the most excellent business attire color… so I knit on!

The thing that is saving my sanity these days is my daily stitching ritual…  you can see page six above on my 100 Day Journey. Such fun from literal scraps of fabric… things I probably should have thrown away, but my goodness, am I glad I did not do that!

My reading has definitely slowed dramatically down. I saw my doctor earlier this month and talked to him about my insomnia… he had some suggestions, which I have implemented over the month. The main thing was “no screen time” and I read books on my iPad at night. Or at least I had been… now, when the lights go off, I do not lay there and read in the dark… and stunningly, my sleep has improved. I have only had a couple of nights this month that sleep has been elusive. Thus it took me forever to finish a kindle book but I did! I got an advance copy of Mr. Comey’s latest mystery, Westport, from Netgalley. I am happy to report that the second book in this series was much better than the first! I made a guess early on in the reading of who I thought “did it” and I was right! (Although, I prefer being wrong… lol) Anyways, if you tried Central Park West and were disappointed, you might want to try again with Westport which will be out May 21, 2024.

I also have finished listening to The Poisonwood Bible. Oh my. Kym said there’d be so much to discuss with this one… and she is so right! Anyways, I loved it (and hated so many things in it…) but really, really loving how the story is told! I have laughed, cried, laughed some more, and even had some rather animated discussions with Steve about some aspects of it. (He is not even the least bit intrigued to read it… lol)

I have begun listening to The Eyes and The Impossible by Dave Eggers. So far… so very good. And my next Kindle read is one many of you have read… an advanced copy of Real Americans. I barely cracked it open… but those few “pages” have lured me in!

And there you have my week. What about you? What are you loving right now?

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Sometimes Monday | 2.19.24

Sometimes Monday | 2.19.24

Is for processing the weekends thoughts and ideas!

You all provided an abundance of food for thought with your comments last week…thank you so much for your input!

Yes, I have been thinking LOTS of thoughts about that Great Cabled Disaster of a Sweater… starting with the painful thoughts of ripping the entire thing out.

And while that is a very real possibility for the sweater, I also considered a simpler starting point… buttons to see what that might do. I did not buy new buttons, rather I went to my button jar and pulled out 5 matching buttons and stitched them on. It helped… the tiniest bit. After sewing those buttons on, I am still not at all sure what the designer wanted with the button holes that she wrote in the pattern. Quite simply, they do not work… I managed to jam two buttons through two of the holes and if this sweater is not frogged… they will need some improvement. At the current size it also needs an additional button to snug up the collar.

Next on the adjustment list… the sleeves. The cuffs are just all.too.much. They need to be less bulky… and quite a bit tighter. It might not be too difficult to cut the current cuffs off, put the sleeve stitches on a needle and knit new, tighter, less bulky, better fitting cuffs. Still… this is a lot of work for a sweater that the scale is tipping more and more towards frogging.

I also did a bit of Ravelry searching over the weekend which might be the tipping point for this disaster of a sweater.

So after all this “thought processing” I am pretty sure I know where this sweater is heading… now I just need the right “binge watch” to get that process started!

Happy Monday all, I will see you all back here on Wednesday!


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