Eye Candy Friday | 4.19.19

Eye Candy Friday | 4.19.19

It's a holiday weekend and Steve has the day off. I thought today would be the perfect day to share our brief but spectacular bush (Maybe Bridal Veil? I am not sure what it is.) Anyways, it blooms and is over before you can really even appreciate it, sort of like...

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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Kat has
read 4 books toward
her goal of
80 books.

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The spoils of failure?

I have been closely following the taxpayer bailout of A.I.G, as you all have more than likely been doing also, and I have been stunned with each new turn of events. Okay, truth be told, I have been more than stunned – outraged might be a better word. Being a hard...

…the promise of things hoped for.

Twenty-seven years ago, I made a very difficult decision – one that forever changed my life in a million different ways. As it often is with difficult decisions, it was ultimately the right decision to make, and here is the beautiful part of this decision – it was not...

T-minus 36 hours and counting…

Some twenty-seven odd years ago, my life changed drastically and this weekend the Object of that Change is arriving to visit. The past weeks have almost had a surreal quality and I truly cannot quite believe that the very thing that I always hoped for, but never...

My father…the Yenta?

One should always be suspicious of early morning phone calls from one’s parent requesting an “impromptu lunch” but apparently, when said child stays up late and wakes with only her partial wits about her, one gives a yes answer without stopping to ponder the deeper...

Anticipation is making me wait…

Merriam-Webster defines anticipation as “the act of looking forward; especially: pleasurable expectation” Did you ever feel like you were standing on the edge of something truly incredible? As I left work this morning the smell of spring was in the air, riding softly...



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