Three on Thursday | 4.5.18

Three on Thursday | 4.5.18

Today's things are a "mixed bag" … Thing One: In the WTF Category Thing Two: I have just 18 rows to go on my Cluaranach! Well, 19 if you count my kitchner row… Thing Three: I have not gotten a hair cut in 8 months, but all that ends today! Yes, I have an appointment...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Saturday Sunshine

Hello Everyone!  I was awakened this morning by the sun peeking in the window!  It was warm and welcoming.  Nights have been getting cooler here.  And, nights have been getting longer - the sun did not wake me until after 8AM!  All these things add up to summer...

Hello September?

Hello Everyone! How on earth do we all find ourselves looking at September arriving this weekend.  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were all celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend and ushering in summer?  What a strange feeling to have the "official end" to white shoes...

Why you need a life line….

Or why you should not knit on cold medication! Hello everyone.  Summer is winding down and with it I have come down with the mother of all colds.  I am living on cold medicine and my poor brain is in a fog. Now, knowing all that - what on earth possessed me to pull...

It was a very weak moment!

Hello everyone!  Fiber Festival in Allegan was so much fun - and there was some stash enhancement!  And, I bought a drop spindle - I know, I was just going to look!  Well, it looked like an interesting and wonderful way to drive myself nuts this weekend!  So I...

Fiber Fest, here I come!

  So, here is my first EZ knit - this is the Baby Surprise Jacket for Steve and Jinda's "baby in progress"! This little bundle of joy is expected to arrive sometime early in February. I am going to join the shoulders with an attached i-cord. I absolutely loved...

Take me out to the ballgame…

Hello Everyone!  Well, even though it is not a "stitch and pitch" game - I have procured 4 tickets to the West Michigan Whitecaps game tonight.  I am heading out with Ken and two friends - Paul and Linda.  I will be bringing "Something Black" to knit as I "watch" the...



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