Sometimes Monday | 1.7.19

Sometimes Monday | 1.7.19

Require a slower start…. I don't think Carole meant to jinx me when she commented last week about her cold turning to pneumonia, but that is indeed what happened! Saturday, I spent the better part of the morning at a local urgent center – diagnosis: pneumonia. I am...

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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Kat has
read 4 books toward
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80 books.

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The great debate…

Hello Everyone!  I started a "live" knit along this morning.  A LYS in our area is having a "block a month" knit along for the Manos Four Season Afgan.  I joined in the hope that the group motivation will keep me inspired to knit the afgan, which I will have finished...

The cure for what ails you

The cure for what ails you

When life tries to give you lemons - knitting with your own homespun yarn takes all the sourness out of the day. Add to that a good dose of Grey's Anatomy and ER and suddenly I've got the world on a string - merino string! Have a good Friday everyone!

Some days it does not pay to get out of bed…

Hello Everyone! Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go in any direction that you think it should?  In fact, the direction it takes is not even one you imagined in the "it could be worse" thoughts - because it is worse than you imagined? Well, that would...

Thoughts on a Wednesday

Thoughts on a Wednesday

Hello Everyone!  I am managing to stay current in Blog 365. I have "A" completed for the ABC Along. I have spent some time each day to spin, which works for NaspiMoMo - National Spin More Month. Whew - this is almost like a job!! I have spun up some Kid Mohair that I...

Rain, rain go away…

Hello Everyone!  It is just pouring outside - and I mean pouring.  There is a river flowing through my backyard.  I'd take a picture, but it is raining too hard!!  We had thunderstorms roll through last night and had some tornado warnings north of us.  Yes, it is...

Global Warming?

Hello Everyone!  Well, all the snow is gone away.  It is over 50 degrees out.  And it is January 7. And, it has been raining steadily all morning. Can someone please tell me if I should be wearing spring clothing or winter woolies???? Odd weather, that is for sure! On...



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