Sometimes Monday | 2.12.18

Sometimes Monday | 2.12.18

Comes too darned fast! (And, looks like a budding sweater and, I need to add dust the blinds to my list! Haha) I don't know about you, but my weekend sort of flew by and not in at all a pleasant way. Saturday, someone (not me) had the brilliant idea to replace the...

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When you have nothing and it is Tuesday

Perhaps a throwback to Carole's 10 on Tuesday with ten random thoughts courtesy from my brain! This head cold has totally derailed my night time reading – I have not even tried to read a single word. However, I feel I have turned a corner and perhaps tonight will be...

Catch Up Monday’s

The weekend's list of accomplishments was short – laundry being the sole item. Which leaves me catching up on Monday. A bit of vitamin C and coffee paired with some nourishing meditations will hopefully get me ready to move those things left undone from the weekend...

Rambling Links

Overnight snowfall certainly puts the arrival of March in the Lion Category. And, sadly, while we got snowfall – it was not enough to insulate the newly budding and growing things. Oh, and add to the mix what I knew would be inevitable with warm/cold/warm/cold weather...

Hello, March

While I am not witty like Emily Dickinson, I would like to give you a very warm welcome! I am not certain if you are entering like a lamb or a lion – and really, how many days does one have to determine these animal like qualities? Yesterday it was warm, blustery, and...

Slow Sock Wednesday

The final clue for Kirsten Kapur's Mystery socks is out today, however, as you can see – I am not even half way done with clue three. Somewhere over the past couple of weeks my knitting mojo has up and left – I am just not feeling the knitting love right now. I know,...

With Joy

As I close the door on February – a blessedly short month that was not short on joy. There was an abundance of joy over the past month. Joy in the lengthening days – over the month we have gained 64 more minutes of daylight! Joy in the stunning lack of winter – out of...

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