Weekending | 1.27.19

Weekending | 1.27.19

The weekend seemed a bit anti-climactic after last weekend's weather drama, but a quiet winter weekend was truly a lovely thing. There was some snow, some cold, and glory of glories there was even some sunshine!! All this added up to another quiet, stay at home...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Tiny Moment Tuesday: 1.30.18

Juliann began with this idea on her blog last week and it just feels like the perfect thing, so I will be joining her here. Today, my thoughts are all about letters and handwriting as I get ready for the Month of Letters in February! Want to be on my list? Let me know...

Yay, Monday?

It was a full weekend that perhaps went just a bit too fast. But, Stopover is done – save weaving in ends and just in time for the return of winter tonight! I had planned on swatching for Strokkur over the weekend, but I outside of finishing Stopover, I barely knit. I...

Fiber Friday: 1.26.18

Friday, that day of the week that puts an automatic grin on everyone's face! And, the sun is shining brightly here with temps that are supposed to get into the 50's! Steve doesn't know this (Hi Sweetie!) but I am going to make him go take a walk this afternoon at...

Three on Thursday: 1.25.18

Sometimes the thing you wish for is the thing you get! I am sitting her wondering how on earth it is Thursday already, and then remembered I was hoping for a quick week, and quick it has been! Thing One: My new girl crush: Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina! Her...

Unraveled Wednesday: 1.24.18

Winter time, and the knitting is easy… The last time I talked about my knitting, I was in the midst of determining if I had enough yarn to finish my Stopover. So, some crazy knitty math was done and it will be close, but by my calculations, I think I will have the...

What the…

Tuesday, the most awesome of blog days!! (Not!!) Today I am really jonesing for Carole to bring back 10 on Tuesday prompts. You know, those days when I did not have to think too much! However, today I have some What the Heck items that have me completely dumbfounded...



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