Be Still Sunday

Be Still Sunday

I have been inspired to join the cool kids in NaBloPoMo.  I know! What on earth am I thinking?!?

However, I think I have a good plan. I have put together a calendar of the month with a blog plan for the days.

What?!? A plan for your blog?

In any case, this will give me a good start on ending the year well and a good plan for beginning 2016, which sadly gets closer and closer with every passing day.

And, so it begins:  Happy November 1st, Gentle Reader, and welcome to NaBloPoMo at Casa del KatKnits, and after a very busy Sunday morning I think it is time to be still and enjoy the quietness of what remains of the weekend with a bit of knitting and a movie. I hope your weekend was filled with a good balance of activity and stillness. If not, there is still some time to correct that before Monday arrives!

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