I am a participant in Lynne’s Special Swap. And, we are in the midst of The Sweet Swap Round! I am lucky, Kimberly is my recipient. She is dear to my heart as she was my recipient in one of the Secret Swap rounds. That is how I got to know her and her fabulous family. Our Swap Mamma has us working a little differently this time. We are not receiving our package from the person we are sending to. Kind of fun.

So, Lynne asked us to post the answers to the following questions for our Swap Pals… So, Swap Pal, who ever you may be – here you go.

Kimberly was kind and reminded me that I needed to get this done – she posted hers today! Thanks Kimberly!

Well, without further adieu – here are my answers to Lynne’s questions:

  1. What were your three favorite treats in your Halloween bag?

Chocolate and caramel, Chocolate and peanut butter, Chocolate and coconut – see the theme here?

  1. What were the three treats that you would trade away?

Hmmm, it would depend on what I was getting. Licorice was not a big favorite of mine.

  1. Do you bake?

Ummm, no – really not.

  1. Do you order dessert in a restaurant? If so, what is your favorite dessert?

Look at me, do you think I say no to dessert??? Crème Bruleè mmmmm, my absolute favorite.

  1. Tell me about your favorite Candy-colored yarns, and what candy are they inspired from?

Boy, I love autumnal colors – Candy corn would be the inspiration I suppose. Green candy – hmmm, not sure what green candy I can think of but I remember being in high school and getting those hard candy sticks – there was a green apple flavor that was the most divine color!

  1. When you knit a special “icing on the cake” accessry for your outfit, would you knit …… socks, a scarf, a hat or a bag?

I love scarfs and shawls. LOVE them. In my opinion they are a “must have” for the knitters wardrobe!

  1. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae.

It all starts with coffee ice cream, Matt Lauer, and one spoon… need I say more?

  1. Are there any knitting treats that you would love to add to your collection?

Hmmm, of course there are! Who does not like to get treats! A book you would like for your library? I would love to get some stitch dictionaries. A knitting gadget for your notions bag? A row counter that could hang on a cord around my neck would be fabulous. A sweet yarn? Hmmm, there are so many sweet yarns! Maybe a skein of something I can knit into a cute summery scarf!

  1. Think about the best homemade dessert from Mom or Grandma. Do you have the recipe to share?

Boy, my mother was so not a baker. But, I do remember baking with my nana. Her Banana Bread was so moist and delicious. I will gladly share the recipe with you here!

Nana’s Banana Bread:

1 C Sugar

½ C shortening (she used real butter)

1 t baking soda in

¼ C sour milk (you can make sour milk with by adding a bit of vinegar to milk)

2 well beaten eggs

3 mashed bananas

2 C flour

½ C chopped nuts (she used walnuts most often)

Combine ingredients. I do them in the order written, I cream together the sugar and the shortening. I then add the remainder of the ingredients.

Bake 1 hour at 350°F. (She also used greased, floured cans)

  1. What local or regional treats would you insist your swap partner try if she visited your town?

Hmmm, it would have to be Pallazollo’s for Gelato. Oh. My. Heaven’s. Trust me – you will hear angels singing when you taste this stuff!

  1. Cupcakes….talk amongst yourselves.

Sure, I like chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

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