Now We Are Two

Now We Are Two

Today, my little Genevieve is 2 years old and my daughter sent me these photos this week and I just love them. They went to visit a Lavender Farm and Genevieve had so much fun! (Well, at least until she fell asleep!) And, all that lavender is just crazy (and apparently works to relax you!!)

I cannot believe that she is two! Time is just going way too fast! But, Happy Birthday, dear Genevieve! May your day be as beautiful as you are!

Now, how about a link or two?

In the “you did not know you needed to knit this” category: Banana Sweater

This seemed most appropriate after last week’s Cat Shawl…

Laura Aylor’s Summer’s End MKAL looks interesting! Especially this:

Things this shawl is NOT/does NOT have:
A weird shape
Short rows
Stitches to pick up (can you believe that?!)

Things it IS/DOES have:
Big and cozy
A little bit of lace
A lot of stockinette
Engaging to knit

I love Fiddlefooted! And, sleeveless!!

Miss Babs has a new Fall Collection out – I especially like Amalgamation and Brickyard

2 Skeins of Heaven Scarf might be the best pattern name ever (and some pretty awesome yarn, too!)

Are Ewe Knitting Me? Hmmm, maybe? And, it is on sale until 7/29!

Simply Summer Sweater is cute, although I am not so sure about all that seed stitch…

Finally, I have been keeping an eye out for cute baby boy knits for Carole! And, Baby Jailbird Jammies certainly are!

That’s all I have for today! Have a great weekend – stay cool and I will see you back here on Monday!

Winter is coming…

Winter is coming…

This week’s Think Write Thursday topic is to write about “what you do to beat the heat! We’re deep into summer here and some of us love the heat and some of us hate it but either way we all must cope with it. What do you do that works for you? Share your tips, stories, and more on coping with summer heat!”

There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. John Ruskin

This week has been hot and super humid – and honestly, this is not my favorite weather. You know, when you open the door in the morning to head outside and it feels like a sauna at 6AM you just know it is going to be a miserable day!

In this weather there are lots of things that I worry about – does the garden have enough water? Do the birds have enough water? So, the early morning is spent out making sure the plants all have a good drink and are prepped for the coming heat and I fill the bird bath a couple of times during the day. And, when it’s this warm out the porch and the pergola don’t get much use.

I am exceedingly thankful that we have AC which makes it much easier to sleep at night and to function during the day.

But, rather than complain about the heat, I am reminded of January and February. You know those days that are short on daylight where the temperature does not move out of the single digit zone…That is enough to still any irritation with the heat.

Sitting quietly with a good book is the perfect way to while away a hot day, sipping a big glass of iced tea.

What about you? What do you do to beat the heat?

If you want to see what everyone else does to beat the heat, you will find them here. And, if you would like to join me and Carole for Think Write Thursday’s, you can sign up here.

Unraveled Wednesday, July 19

Unraveled Wednesday, July 19

This week seems to be flying by, doesn’t it?

My bingo card is looking pretty good and I have my first Bingo of the summer!

I finished Spycatcher by Peter Wright for my “banned in a country outside the US” square. I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, I enjoyed the book but it rambled a bit and was a book I had to read in spurts. I kept having to go back and re-read parts to figure out how some people fit.

I also finished Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. This book fills my “set in a state where you live” square. I like Michael Chabon’s writing and Wonder Boys did not disappoint. It is both funny and at times a bit sad – the characters are entirely dysfunctional, but that makes them more enjoyable IMO. And, there is so much Pittsburgh in this book! A great read if you live here! I gave it 4 stars.

I listened to Pat Conroy’s South of Broad and wow! This is my first Pat Conroy novel and I loved it cover to cover. The ending was completely unexpected. The writing is spectacular. I laughed, I cried more than once, and I simply adore Leo. This book might be the best book I will read all summer – and perhaps all year. I want to read it again and gave it 5 stars!

Yesterday, I finished Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney. I gave it 4 stars and honestly – I want to be Lillian when I am 85 years old and the writing is wonderful.

I also started and stopped Anthropology of an American Girl. I listened for about 2.5 hours and just could not go any further. Yeah, it was that bad. This goes in the “could not finish” category. I laughed when I saw someone on Goodreads called this a “time suck” – yes, indeed and frankly, I’d like those 2.5 hours back! I do not recommend.

I have been listening to The Help (which I love!) and I just started reading Beartown. So, much good!

The knitting has not been quite as productive as the reading, but good none the less.

I have been working on catching up with the MKAL. I am not through clue #3 yet (maybe today?) However, slow I am going, it is not because I do not like the pattern – it is awesome and I have tried to avoid seeing what the next clues are. I love that the lace work is such an easy to memorize yet beautiful pattern. I am half way done with the first a pair of mitts out of the really yummy organic Rambouillet.

I also finished some gift knitting that I will blog about once the recipient has received it!

What are you reading and knitting today?

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Unrelated but relevant

Unrelated but relevant

Oh, Tuesday – I have nothing today so I am hoping that if I just start writing inspiration will hit.

This weather has been exactly what my annuals like – they are growing like mad and are all showy and beautiful.

The perennials are at the “in between” stage and I am looking for things that will bloom later in the summer to add in next year. Although, the Foxglove looks a bit bedraggled, it is still blooming.

Our Butterfly Bush is spectacular this year and it is taller than our pergola!

Audiobooks have been the best thing this summer. I have listened to so many great books by great narrators. Currently, I am listening to The Help and I am enjoying it – although, perhaps enjoying is not the best way to describe a painful novel however, the narration is superb.

Steve bottled his third batch of beer yesterday and on a related note, since the beer brewing began weight loss has been in a holding pattern. Steve says this is unrelated, but I think it is very relevant!

That is all I have for this Tuesday – I am going to try making these this morning. I will let you know how they turn out!

100 Day Project – Stitching

July 12th brought a close to The 100 Days Project and I participated with 100 Days of…you guessed it….Stitching. I knew that I could not “add” one more thing to my schedule but I did want to participate. Most of these photos were posted to Instagram, but some were not. And, I somehow missed taking a photo entirely one day and I am not quite sure how that happened! 99 photos and a bit of accompaniment courtesy of Simon & Garfunkel for the most part.

Now, how about some links?

That is all I have for the week! See you back here bright and early on Monday! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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