A completely random and totally gratuitous picture of my granddaughter, Genevieve!

The soup from earlier this week reheats well, about which I worried. My fears were unfounded; this soup is a trooper and reheated beautifully. Oh, and the flavor was even better on the second go ‘round.

Red Cup Controversy – who knew this would be a thing? Personally, I think the bigger notice (and much more discussion) should be given to Starbucks for hiring 5500 veterans, over half way to their public goal of putting 10k to work, to REI for making a huge decision to #optoutside of Black Friday, and Nordstrom’s for taking a stance on when Christmas decorating should start. I truly believe in shopping local, however, I think these companies deserve some recognition for swimming upstream.

Are you sick of the political overload yet? I confess that I am completely debated out and really wish I lived somewhere where politics was contained to a prescribed time limit – I could handle the nonsense for 30 days, but this on into infinity politics is unnecessary, IMO.

This week also saw the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the freighter Edmund Fitzgerald. Yeah, that weird feeling you have when you can remember something that happened 40 years ago…

On the knitting front, I have many things on the needles, but few are making their way to the completion pile. Ummm, yeah, that needs to change and quickly as I have some Christmas knitting to be done!

NaBloPoMo is going very well – we are almost to the mid-way point and I am feeling good, energized even, about what I have accomplished thus far! I have even learned some things about long-term planning that I am going to take to the months beyond and to some different areas of my life. I love when that happens!

Finally, there are some really good spinning videos on the Interweave website, if you are wanting to improve your technique, learn something new, or master something that has been a challenge – get over there and download one or two or three!

Have a great Thursday, gentle reader – Friday is just around the corner!

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