I have no idea who “Maxine” is, but boy this quote was my weekend! LOL (and who am I??)

I have been diligently working  through the #cleaningarmy Spring Cleaning Challenge List (A huge thanks to Kym for sending me their way!) and I worked away on the kitchen over the weekend, ugh. But boy is it sparkly this morning! Today I have arrived at the dreaded bathroom/bedroom portion of the task list. I am wondering how I ever really did this without a list… I was a haphazard spring cleaner at best!

A weekend of cleaning was not what I really wanted to do, but I was on a roll.

I did manage a bit of spinning though! Saturday afternoon I virtually-spun with Jane, Sarah, Eileen, and Eileen’s sister and finished up some lingering singles on my wheel and I did some plying on Sunday! (If you’d like to join us, you are welcome! The more the merrier!) I need to give these beauties a bit of a soak to see how the twist evens out, but I am happy with my results on this!

My treat for finishing the bathroom/bedroom will be to ply up those reddish singles so I can get started on the fiber they complement!

Happy Monday All!


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