Curiouser and Curiouser!

Curiouser and Curiouser!

It is Tuesday and this week Carole brings me a very challenging topic. Very challenging. She wants to know:

10 Things You Are Curious About

I am really happy that Carole sent  this topic on Saturday so I could spend a good bit of the weekend pondering my curiosity.

Albert Einstein’s quote fits me completely because while I really don’t have any special talents; I am passionately curious.

Now, I am not curious in the sense of wanting to take things apart to find out how they work – I was not the kid who wanted to know how radios work, or how records make sounds (yes, I was of the era of vinyl records). Nor am I a risk taker – you won’t find me curious about skydiving, deep-sea diving, or mountain climbing.

But I am curious about many things and here is my Curiosity List:

  1. Pattern Design – especially in knitting. I am so amazed at the volume of patterns that are published daily on Ravelry. While, this seems to me such a daunting task; I would like to take a class to learn more about this.
  2. Pattern Technical Editing – which kind of goes hand in hand with pattern design. But, really – how do they do it?? Curious minds want to know!
  3. Home Brewing Beer – I have read books and I have a great friend who brews some amazing beer. I am curious about the entire process.
  4. Photography – I think my photography skills have been improving, however I am curious to learn more about the intricate details of the craft. I would love to take a class and learn more.
  5. Learning languages – We are a single language household, but curiously I have a daughter who is multi-lingual. Men Duolingo hjælper mig med at lære.
  6. Different cultures – the differences and similarities fascinate me. Thanks to Tess Vigeland, I am very curious about becoming an ex-pat.
  7. Shepherding – It is no secret that I love wool. I have this beautiful daydream that I live on a gorgeous farm with a flock of happy sheep. I am curious if this dream would be as lovely a reality. Perhaps I can fulfill two curiosities with this, although my daydream did not include 850 acres.
  8. Hand Writing – especially Calligraphy. This just fascinates me.
  9. Writing – I am curious how successful the participants are of NaNoWriMo are…
  10. Stained Glass MakingThese are just so beautiful, and having watched Vicki Payne make stained glass on PBS for years, I am curious to learn more.

There is my Curiosity List…What makes you curious?

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