The Trees have IT | 11.10.23

The Trees have IT | 11.10.23

I am not sure if there is a knitting designer I have come to love more than Sarah Schira… I have found hours of delight in knitting small things.

A not so wee Gnome Cottage.

And last year she released the pattern for a Gnome house… which of course needed trees. My first two trees sort of clung to the idea of natural trees… they are a fun knit (bottom up knitting, in case you are wondering) and no… the ending bit of I-cord is not meh knitting, but it is perfect for watching… oh say, Gold Rush with ones other half on a Saturday night.

One very Festive Tree!

But with my Choir Tree I released my some of my natural tree urges and used some left over Miss Babs Deep Sea Jelly Fish Yowza for those miles of I-cord. And I could not stop… this I-cord is LONG so I could wrap it and wrap it and wrap it and wrap it! And I love how the dk weight yarn really stands out!

Since I have broken out of the natural tree urge… I have been thinking about some different colored trees to “change seasons” with the Gnome Village in my hutch… Winter white and grey ones for the doldrums of winter, cherry blossom pink ones to usher in spring… and some glorious red, orange, and gold ones for fall!

Perhaps your mantle needs a tree or two this December… they are a quick knit! (and they are really NOT fiddly at all… even stitching down the I-cord! Or could you do trees sans I-cord!) They are the perfect stash buster (just like Gnomes!)

I will be back on Monday, have a great weekend everyone!

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