Hello May | 5.6.24

Hello May | 5.6.24

May is the month of expectation, the month of wishes, the month of hope. — Emily Brontë

Simply put… I love May. It is the month of “best of” so many things!

I have, at least, one bunch of allium bulbs that are blooming… and they are stunning. My expectation was low… but the bulbs did their thing… and extraordinarily bloomed!

AND…when we arrived home on Saturday afternoon, I saw hummingbirds visiting those glorious blooms! I am holding hope for the remaining bulbs I planted… if they only do half as good as the current bloomers, I will be happy!

This month I should set some intentions. But if the only thing I accomplish this month will be to assemble my 100 Day Project into a book, I will be happy!


The video above (my backyard birdsong included!!) shows all twenty pages in the order I did them. Today I will make my “cover and last” pages and begin thinking about the order I want them in! The Book is the only tangible thing on my list this month because I think that the real work of this project is about to begin! (And maybe if the rain stops, I can begin the Great Sweater Wash this month as well!)

But I will be savoring lots of intangible things as well… like glorious May days, backyard birding (a pair of robins have “selected” our hedge for their nest and it currently holds one egg), and savoring every moment of this amazing month!

I also have quite a bit of “catch up” to do! I have missed you all and will make my way through what you have been up to! I will also catch you up on some highlights from our vacation… there were some amazing things! And, I have an April update with my word as well!

See you all back here tomorrow with that word update! Happy Monday!


Looking Back | May 2019

Looking Back | May 2019

I debated about doing this post, since I kicked May to the curb last week, but then I looked at all the images and the video from last month and realized that there were so many good moments to remember and rejoice over!

So, let’s do a bit of rejoicing shall we?

For a month that felt so darned rainy, there were lots of blue-sky photos! May brings such dramatic light changes – it is the month that I really begin to notice the dramatic changes day by day! And so many blooms and bees and birds! It just goes to show that if you take a photo every day – you will be amazed when you look back. There were some “firsts” – first iris, first asparagus, and those magical first poppies of the season! There was not much knitting, but I did manage to finish 2 projects! And, there were oodles of hours working outside in the garden beds and filling what felt like a gazillion containers!

The video was even better this month, I think a few seconds of video every day is just such a fun way to gather bits of the month. There was so much Genevieve (which is my favorite!) I even managed to get the video of a “Northern Michigan Traffic Jam” thanks to the road work crew who were working a couple of days during our stay! There were sunsets, Lake Michigan, birdsong, and all the bees!! Oh!! And there was whipping cream for the first strawberry shortcake of the season! If you look at the photo images, you might think we had a glorious sunny month, but we did have lots of rain!

And, there you have it, my Not-So-Bad-After-All-May!

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