A Radical Departure

I have read some blogs recently and heard some “social-net” chatter the past couple of days all about the Olympics, and specifically Figure Skating.

I, however, wanted to depart from the Figure Skating discussion to share my excitement about the incredible contingency on the US Snowboarding Team!

Both men and women alike, they have captured my attention.

In particular, two members of Team USA, namely Shaun White and Kelly Clark have held my rapt attention for the past two nights.

Now, Gentle Reader, I neither snow board nor like to have my feet leave terra firma, but watching these kids execute crazy moves like inverted 720’s, or Shaun’s insanely crazy “Double McTwist 1260“, or just “catching air” I am simply amazed! These tricks all look practically impossible (at least to my 49 year old perspective) yet they pull these moves off with an apparent ease that makes me think they have wings and can fly!


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