Just Franquemont-ize me, please.

Just Franquemont-ize me, please.

Gentle Reader yesterday was a big day.

A teacher and friend had a book signing of her newly release Respect the Spindle. A book with all her years of experience poured out on the pages.

The signing appropriately happened at Mecca.

It was a banner day, why even the Canadian Factor showed up.

So honored was I to attend attired in clothing I had both spun the yarn and knit the garment. None of which would not have been completed so nicely if I had not had lessons from Abby.

I found it humorous that Abby was afraid no one would show up.

They did… in droves.

Her book flew off the shelf, as did a goodly sum of fiber and, yes… plenty of spindles.

Therefore, when Abby announced that her husband had gotten her a henna pen, because “someone might want their breast signed”…who was I to resist.

I present the only known Franquemontized breasts.

I have a spinner’s soul in a marked body.
Life could not possibly get better.

The Tale of The Sock Who Found its Mate, or Why All Sock Yarn is NOT Created Equally

The Tale of The Sock Who Found its Mate, or Why All Sock Yarn is NOT Created Equally

I have made an amazing and truly unbelievable discovery this week all in the knitting of a Plain Vanilla Pair of Socks

This may actually be the Cure for World Peace and the Answer to getting all of the Politicians in Washington to come to a realistic consensus on Health Care.


Hand spun yarn makes hand knit socks like nobody’s business!

I have knit socks, plenty of them. Moreover, I have, like many of my fellow knitters, suffered from “Second Sock Syndrome.” Yes, I have struggled through knitting one solo sock and said lonely sock never gets its mate. I have completed pairs of socks for my children. For gifts. Kind of a Motherly Penance, as it was, to knit both socks.

No longer.

I have discovered the joy in knitting yarn that is neither harsh on your fingers, splitty, nor exhibits any splotches of unsightly color pooling.

You see, Gentle Reader, when you spin your own yarn, you can control the twist, the fiber, and your color runs!

End result…

One pair of indie dyed, spun by me Blue-faced Leicester pair of socks with gradually changing colors…

Yes, my feet are feeling the love.

Now, to figure out a hiding place so my kids do not find them…

Kat in the Catalpa with Lance?

Kat in the Catalpa with Lance?

In a few short days, June will be over and July will be upon us, and what does July bring? The end to my allergies that is what! The Cottonwood trees have finished pollinating and the Catalpa trees blooms are dropping like flies!

Ahhh, I am ready to breathe pollen free air once again!

In addition, hopefully July will usher in more warm weather, the sunny days of summer, and the celebration of July 4.

One very big event happens every July as well. It is a competition in which the participant’s goal is to wear the coveted yellow jersey!

That is right; July brings us the Tour de Fleece!

Yes, you read that right, the Tour de Fleece.

That is right from July 4 through the 26th I will be spinning with Team Suck Less!

suck less by kelrota.


So now it is Super Tuesday?

Super Sunday followed by a so so Monday and now it is Super Tuesday again?

So, I am calling it for tomorrow – Wacky Wednesday!

Wacky weather – it was raining tonight – now it is sleeting – soon to be snowing.

And it seems we are in for a large volume of snowfall.

Visions of Snowdays are dancing in my head.

We shall see what the morning brings!

As for tonight, I went to spinning and had a marvelous time!  There was a great group there and much fun was had by all.

And there was even some spinning done.

Now -I am getting in bed with some knitting and trying to figure out how really super this Tuesday turned out to be!

Have a nice night all!

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