Three on Thursday | 1.30.20

Three on Thursday | 1.30.20

I am joining with Carole today to share some brilliance regarding the Impeachment Trial currently underway…Yesterday began the question phase of the trial where the Senators submit questions for Justice Roberts to read out loud at which point either the selected counsel or both the House Managers and the President’s counsel answers the question or does not, as the case may be. (and there are a lot more not answered questions than are answered)

Thing One:

Don’t expect there to be any more honesty in this trial than there is from the IMPOTUS-in-Chief…

Thing Two:

Meanwhile, while no one is paying attention:

Thing Three:

Finally, if you do nothing else today – please call your Senators!

That’s all I have for today, see you back here tomorrow!

Three on Thursday | 1.30.20

Three on Thursday | 1.9.20

I am joining Carole and friends so share some things that I thought were pretty darned awesome recently!

Thing One:

Holiday planning, perfected!

Thing Two:

This is most certainly true: “Once you over come the one-inch tall barrier of sub-titles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

Thing Three:

Michelle Williams is my new SHERO! Everyone say it with her: Let’s make it look more like us!”

Happy Thursday everyone!

Three on Thursday | 1.30.20

A Very Halloween 3 on Thursday

I am linking up with Carole to share three very literary things that crossed my desk top this morning – perfect for Halloween!

Thing One:

Benjamin Percy reading Goodnight Moon might be the best thing ever…

Thing Two:

I am eagerly anticipating The Dublin Murders

Thing Three:

AppleTV has some interesting things that are bubbling over the internet, but this might just get me to subscribe!

That’s all I have… just a quick and now I am off to get my walk in, hopefully between raindrops!

Three on Thursday | 1.30.20

Three on Thursday | 8.29.19

Joining Carole today with a Bridget themed post!

Per Bridget:

“There’s a meme going around on Instagram stories, where you name three things that you hate, but everyone else loves.”

And, I am adding her disclaimer as well:

So here are Three Things Everyone Else Loves and I hate*

*(which is to say ‘dislike strongly’ since I don’t want to be lectured about the word ‘hate’ (either)…..)

Thing One —

Instagram Stories. Honestly, I just don’t get them. Why are they so much better than just a regular Instagram post? Perhaps it is the most telling indication of my age coupled with my complete lack of understanding in how (and why!!) to do them. And, please, no offers to give me an Instagram Story lesson…(because that could be thing four!!)

Thing Two —

Chia Seeds. Seriously, is there anything more disgusting on earth? And, why would you ruin perfectly good yogurt with the addition of these nasty little things?

Thing Three — 

Starbucks. Oy, I know! What??? Truly. They have done more for the ruination of coffee than any company I can think of. Truly. But this did make me laugh this morning!

That is all I have for today! See you all back here tomorrow!

Three on Thursday | 8.15.19

Three on Thursday | 8.15.19

Joining with Carole today to share three things! Errr…okay maybe one thing with three parts!

Thing One
“… thinking back on it now reminds that the pleasures of the table, and of life, are infinite – toujours bon appétit!”

Today is Julia Child’s birthday! She would have been 107 years old.

Thing Two
“I’m not a chef… I’m a cook and a teacher.”

My cooking library contains two books by Julia and Mastering the Art of French Cooking was the first cookbook I ever bought. I learned so much from Julia about how to cook. She absolutely was (and is!) an amazing teacher!

Thing Three
“I really enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food…”

I am quite positive that I have watched (and re-watched!) every cooking show she has ever done.

Today I think I will settle in with my knitting and watch Julie & Julia again!

Bon appétit, dear Julia…and Happy Birthday!

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