What are you doing New Year’s Eve

What are you doing New Year’s Eve

This week’s prompt for Think Write Thursday is to talk about New Year’s Eve. Do you love it or hate it? Do you yearn to go out on the town or would you rather stay home for a cozy night in? Big party? Small gathering of friends? Tell us how you want to spend New Year’s Eve and remember, it’s just words and you aren’t actually committing to anything so the sky is the limit!

Queue the music…

So many questions in here!! Do I love it or hate it? Well, I think the answer is this:

The younger me loved the party aspect of the event, and the now me appreciates the review of the year and anticipation of the year to come. The younger me loved to get dressed up and head out for a night of party, party, party! The now me appreciates staying home in quiet reflection for the evening. And, honestly – staying up until midnight? That hasn’t happened in years.

Somehow the wild days of my youth have been replaced with – well, an old person! LOL

But, if I could have any New Year’s Eve I want – this would be it:

The company will be stellar and the conversation stimulating if all of you are here! There will be games and so much laughter! There might even be some tears as we remember what 2016 was.

And, as we look forward to what 2017 might bring, we can raise our glasses in hopefulness and good cheer.

That would be how I would like to spend New Year’s Eve – with all of you! And, in the perfect world – the transporter would be a thing and I would have one! However, please know that on New Year’s Eve I will be raising my glass to all of you in friendship, love, and good cheer.

Happy New Year my friends – may this coming year bring peace and prosperity to all of us!

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