With Service to Others

With Service to Others

Carole gives is a challenging task for this week’s 10 on Tuesday:

10 Things You Can Do To Serve Others

I spent some time yesterday pondering this and wanted to address this not from the things I am currently doing, but rather from the idea that there are things I could/should be doing that I am not.

So, with self-improvement in mind, I present my list of 10 things I should be doing to serve others:

A kinder, gentler attitude that is

less critical,

and less frustrated.

One that is not participating in gossipy conversation and

not playing the “one up” game – no one likes a laundry list of all the things you did.

Being more of a “Doer” and less of a “Sayer” and

actively listening to those around me and

to not take everything that is said so personally.

Realizing and accepting that my way is not the only way and

not expecting anything in return, ever.

This is a tough list and one that won’t be perfected overnight, but I am hoping that in this year of focusing on gratitude that I will find these things have become an integral part of me as the year draws to a close.

Short in stature

Short in stature

But big on taste!

I have had little to no success with “tender” breads, outside of rolls, but when I saw this recipe in the Sunday Recipe Roundup I decided to give it a try.

What it lacks in stature does not hinder the taste or texture.

Bonus in that I know where my problem lies and have ordered new yeast to solve it!


Happy, Fulfilled, and Proud

Happy, Fulfilled, and Proud

Carole has me reviewing my year to determine the following:

10 Things You Did in 2015 That Made You Feel Proud

Wow, this one is a bit of a challenge! I am certainly proud of my new granddaughter, Genevieve – but she is not something I did. I am also proud of my children for a variety of reasons, but especially now that they are all out of school I am so proud of how well they are all doing at “being adults” – but again, not something I did either.

For me, 2015 was a “Year of Making” coupled with lots of learning! Please join me as I look at the things I did, learned, and made this year – things that make me proud of myself!

  • 2015 was a very good year for knitting at Casa del KatKnits – I took a fantastic class with Amy Herzog and finished knitting not one, but three sweaters that fit! This was truly a herculean task as in my 15 years of knitting, I had, to date, never knit a sweater that fit. I also knit a good bit for Genevieve, and I completed my third summer at Camp Loopy! Sixteen projects in the “complete” column prove that I did lots of knitting this year!
  • It was also a good year for spinning, I spun more yardage for Spinzilla than I ever have before and the yarn made from that spinning was pretty darn impressive as well!


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