Hello everyone, Is your year starting off right? Or do you need to start again on the other foot? In an attempt to use the correct starting foot this year I have written down an actual plan. I know, stop the presses! This coming from a “shoot from the hip” kind of gal is a big reality check! I am a make no plans, go where you wanna go person. Well, that wasn’t working too well for me – too much lack of structure makes for too much room for error. In looking back at what worked in 2006 and what did not work – there was alot more that did not work than what did. Thus I knew that I needed some drastic changes. Now, I said to myself – this is the one thing you do well – change. So, go for change and do it right!

Now, how do you go from “fly by the seat of your pants” to “structure city”? Did I really want to live in “structure city”? Was there a happy inbetween place between the two? I believe that there is, and starting out with a plan is a good place to start!

I have divided my plan into two parts, the “me” part and the “homelife” part. I believe that by working on the things in each part, life will be so much better. After all, I am now 46 years old and I need to “get a life” or at least work on a new and improved one.

I will start with the “me” list:
1. I resolve to listen more and talk less!
Where did this come from you ask? Well, on New Years Eve – I discovered how much my kids and their friends had to say – and what they said when someone was really listening. I am sorry to say that I was a poor listener to my kids; oh I listened, but I knew what they were saying – or at least I assumed I did. No more assuming for me – I am working on listening – actively listening to what my kids are saying. You know the old addage – this is why our Good God gave us 2 ears and one mouth – we were supposed to use one more than the other. Lo and behold – I think I am getting it! This listening part also is going to help my spiritual life – I am going to listen more for what God is saying to me. I think that this focus will help me with my other resolutions.

2. I resolve to value me more!
This is going to be a challenge for me, but one that I will embrace. I need to become more healthy – no this is not a diet – I have failed at those for years. It is always the first resolution I have always made and the first resolution that I have always broken. I am not making a list to set myself up for failure – I am making a list to track my success! I want to be more healthy in many aspects of my life – from health and wellness to spirituality. I believe that resolutions 1 and 2 go hand in hand. I want to be fit mentally, physically, and spiritually – and this won’t happen without some work. My friend Lynne sent me a book last summer that I read and then did nothing with. She sent it for a reason – she knew what it was. Now, I am working on my prayer life – with a purpose – more value of me for me!

3. I resolve to knit an afgan for DD #1.
My Rachel will be leaving for college in August – and it will be here all to quickly! What better way to spend the time than knitting an afgan for her when she is far away. Something knit with love to wrap around her. I have signed up for an afgan class for some kindred spirit support and the inspiration to finish this afgan – there is a time frame to the class!! Which will lead me right to resolution #4….

4. I resolve to learn something NEW every day!
I know that it will be a challenge for me to go from “wherever the wind blows me” to “this is the plan” so in order to help my “free spirit” attitude – I have added in the importance of learning – and I will incorporate this into all parts of my life. Home and work, family and faith – there is so much to learn!

This moves me on to the “homelife” resolutions. These were not as fun as the self improvement ones – or maybe these are just more visible, measurable, verify-able!

1. Save more, spend less.
Simply said, incredibly hard to do. I am not a great saver – but I sure as heck am an amazing spender. With the changes in my life recently, I have discovered that one needs to have a measure of all things in their life for balance – and in order to have a balanced checkbook, one needs to spend less! I am working on this and have set in place the following things to help me accomplish this one important resolution!

2. Organize my knitting stash and knit from it!
No purchase of yarn, no exceptions. I have a good sized stash, and I am going to whittle it away. I have committed to this, and thus far it is working! I have pulled some fun yarns out and have been looking over patterns. This is so much fun – what I thought I would do when I bought the yarns and what new possibilites for that yarn are tremendously fun!!! I know my LYS will not be happy with this – I am sorry ladies – truly I am. This is important to me. When I have knit ALL my stash yarn, I will gladly buy more.

3. De-clutter my home.
Garage sale, donate, and toss are the categories! How freeing this will be!! I have alot of things that we don’t use, need, or want – I am going to find homes for them or sell them or throw them away… but they are not staying a the Christensen Huis any longer!!

4. More home cooked meals!
This will help with a healthier life style and with a healthier wallet! And, I will spend time listening to my kids as we prepare dinner together!!! I love how this plan is coming together, don’t you???

5. Prioritize time better.
People, I am the Chief Procrastinator! There is some sick part of me that believes that it is better if you are in a panic to complete a task. No more – there is a plan and I am sticking to it! As with budgeting money, my time is going to be budgeted as well. I have been working on this since the 1st and I know that after 30 days, this will be so much easier. This time management will help with all the other resolutions – and will help me be successful as I move forward into 2007.

I am excited and a bit anxious for what lays ahead – I shall keep you all posted on my progress.

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