Hello everyone! What, you say… snow again??? I am just shocked at how much snow has fallen over the vast majority of the midwest and beyond in the relatively short month of February. The weatherman tells me that we are supposed to warm up next week though – warm up into the upper 30’s that is. So, melt all this snow and we should have floods by next weekend. I am not sure if I should start on the ark, but stay tuned for updates here!

Not much knitting this week – but, I am happy to say that I am at long last caught up at work!! Yipee!!!!! This week also closed the chapter of filing my tax return with my “husband”. Funny how money can motivate a person to suddenly be nice, isn’t it? The return from the federal government came in on Friday – so, of course, Kyle called me NUMEROUS times during the day – frantic to get these funds. He was less that happy that I was working in Muskegon and Spring Lake all day. I am amazed at what I ever saw in this person – he certainly is not what he was when we met. Or maybe he was, but he somehow managed to “hide” his true self. I met some friends last night after work for a drink and some unwind from the week time – unfortunately Kyle showed up as well – sometimes I would like to just drop off the face of the earth. Did you ever feel like that? For as large as Holland has gotten, it still is a small town – darn it all! I don’t want any “sympathy” for the end of this relationship, nor do I want to discuss it with anyone. Does this make me weird?

I am going to treat myself today – I am going shopping for a camera! I am excited to take this “leap” into modern technology! Watch out for new photo heavy blog postings!

So, I am heading out to find a camera – then I am stopping by my LYS to finish up my “Special Swap” partner’s package so I can get it in the mail this week. Then, I am getting together with some friends to play Euchre this afternoon. A day just for me…and I am worth it!

Have an awesome weekend all!

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